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            Guest For  WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 1, 2008



                       SHANN TURNBULL Ph.D



        International Institute for Self-governance.

            Founding Member & Past President:  


   Australian Employee Ownership Association



           "Democratising The Wealth of Nations"


             Long term associate of Louis O. Kelso

                 Picture above & caption below  from & by SHANN TURNBULL Ph.D

The first picture shows Louis and Patricia Kelso in Australia standing under the banner of The Company Directors Association of Australia

who I had organised to host their visit. 

The picture was taken in the evening of September 30th, 1975, the day that my book, Democratising the Wealth of Nations, published by the CDA,

was launched by the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and former Federal Treasurer (Finance Minister), The Hon. Dr. Jim Cairns.  The full

text of my book, which is dedicated to Louis, and the speech of Dr Cairns, who reviewed the book, are posted together at


Those pictured from left to right are:

Athol Yeomans – Director of the Company Directors Association of Australia and editor of its journals

Shann Turnbull – Author of Democratising the Wealth of Nations

The Hon Philip Lynch MP – Shadow Treasurer and former Federal Treasurer

Patricia Kelso – Co-author of Louis Kelso

Louis Kelso – Inventor of leverage Employee Share Ownership Plans

Bob Thompson - Director of the Company Directors Association of Australia and legal advisor

Bruce Champion – Chairman/founder of the Company Directors Association of Australia



                        Picture above & caption below from & by SHANN TURNBULL Ph.D

The second picture includes Jeff Gates who wrote the tax legislation for Senator Russell Long that introduced tax incentives to promote ESOPs. 

The picture was taken in Beijing on April 23rd, 1991 when Jeff led a three man delegation to the PRC as shown in the picture to introduce

employee ownership as a means for privatisation.  In the previous year Jeff had visited Eastern Europe to introduce leverage share ownership

plans as a privatisation technique.  However, Jeff discovered that leveraged ESOPs had little relevance in countries that lacked either taxes

or sources of funding.  For this reason he invited me to the PRC to introduce my approach that did not require tax incentives or funding as

described in my book as it depended upon introducing what I now describe as “ecological” ownership.

The ten day series of lectures for around 50 “Cadres” from throughout the PRC was hosted by the State Commission for Reform of the

Economic System.  Those pictured from left to right are:

Paul Kouris, General Counsel to Californian based employee owned Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC);

Shann Turnbull, author of Democratising the Wealth of Nations whose alternative title was New Money Sources and Profit Motives as featured

on its cover partly covered by the hand of:

 Professor Jiang Yiwei, author of "From Enterprise-Based Economy To Economic Democracy"

Jeff Gates, delegation leader and counsel to Senator Russell Long.

I was introduced to Jeff Gates, Norman Kurland and other leading promoters of Employee Share Ownership Plans in Washington D.C. by

John McClaughry when he was in the White House as President Regan’s Domestic Policy advisor and also Chairman of the E.F. Schumacher

Society!  In the picture I am wearing a “Jefferson” tie presented to me by John who like Jefferson lives in a log cabin.



                         Picture above & caption below  from and by SHANN TURNBULL Ph.D

  The third picture is of myself circa 1983, with Senator Russell Long,*  who championed Kelso and ESOPs as Chairman of the US Senate

 Finance Committee.


*Russell Long had been widely recognized as the second (to The President) most powerful leader of the United States when he became first

acquainted with, and finally an avid supporter of Louis Kelso and his economic theory and philosophy.  Norman Kurland,  a long time stalwart

ally of  Louis Kelso,  vividly recounts a crucial meeting between Mr. Kelso and Senator Long on November 27, 1973 in the link below. 

 Note by Harold Channer.



                    Long time associate of Louis O. Kelso




               Building Sustainable Communities:
Tools and Concepts for Self-Reliant Economic Change



The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ketB8a1EUts - SHANN TURNBULL Ph.D




Shann Turnbull PhD, Principal: International Institute for Self-governance

Shann Turnbull
Shann Turnbull
Author/lecturer/speaker on reforming the theory and practice of capitalism;
Principal: M.A.I Services Pty. Limited providing Management And Investment Services.

PhD, Macquarie University, Sydney, 2001,
MBA, Harvard Business School, 1963,
B.Sc. University of Melbourne, 1960,
Dip. Elec. Eng. Hobart Technical School, Tasmania, 1957,
Flying licenses (non current): Private, 1951; Commercial 1955; Instructor, 1956.

Founder (1975) of Company Directors' Diploma course;
Founding Life member and Fellow: Australian Institute of Company Directors;
Fellow: International Institute for Corporate Governance and Accountability, George Washington University, Law School;
Fellow: Australian Institute of Management;
Senior Fellow: Financial Services Institute of Australasia;
Fellow: Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators;
Fellow: Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce.

Vice President of Australian Employee Ownership Association (Co-founded 1986)
NSW Executive, Australian Fabian Society;
Management Committee of Catalyst Australia Inc.(Founding Public Officer 2007;
Lecturer, Sydney University, School of Political and Social Sciences;
Member of editorial advisory board: Corporate Governance: An International Review, 1998;

Corporate boards: role, duties & composition, 2004; The ICFAI Journal of Audit Practice, 2005;

Corporate Governance, International Journal for enhancing board performance, 2006.

AUTHOR of over 600 writings including books:
Democratising the Wealth of Nations, 1975;
Economic Development of Aboriginal Communities in the Northern Territory, 1977/8;
Building Sustainable Communities: Tools and Concepts for Self-Reliant Economic Change, 1989,

revised 1997, (co-author);
New Economics for a New World Democracy, 1994;
A New Way to Govern: Organisations and Society after Enron, 2002;
Academic papers available at: http://ssrn.com/author


Shann Turnbull works at reforming the theory and practice of capitalism.  His 2001 PhD thesis

showed how the natural science of governance could be applied to social organizations.  His

thesis built upon his education as an electrical engineer in Tasmania, BSc from the University of

Melbourne and an MBA from Harvard.  From 1966 to 1974 he was a founding member in a private

equity group that gained control and re-organised a dozen publicly traded corporations in Australia. 

He was also a serial entrepreneur founding new enterprises, some of which became publicly traded. 

Both activities gave him experience as a major shareholder, Chairman and/or CEO of public

companies.  In 1975 he co-founded the first educational course in the world to provide a qualification

for company directors and wrote his first book, Democratizing the wealth of nations.  The ideas in

the book led to consulting assignments with multi-national corporations, United Nations, World Bank,

and governments, including in 1991 the Peoples Republic of China and Czechoslovakia.  He

co-authored Building Sustainable Communities: Tools and concepts for economic self-reliance. 

From 2001-2003 he rated the governance of the largest organisations in Australia and introduced an

MBA elective at Macquarie University on evaluating and designing the governance architecture of

organizations in the government, non-profit and private sectors.  The London based New Economics

Foundation commissioned him in 2001 to write: A New Way to Govern: Organisations and society

after Enron.  From 2001 to 2006 he was the Australian Advisor for the largest pension fund in the

UK that is a world leader in shareholder activism.  In 2007 he lectured post-graduate students at the

University of New South Wales and at the University of Sydney in 2008.    He is a co-founder and

current Vice-President of the Australian Employee Ownership Association and serves as a board

member on two Australian “Think Tanks”.


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