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                            JAMES STANLEY


                        Founding Member of The

"National Theater of the United States of America"


                  Our Historic Mission



The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWLfar-mJEA - JAMES STANLEY




The National Theater of the United States of America is a troupe of professional entertainers and theater makers. They exist for your entertainment, enlightenment and greater glory.

It’s members are seven in number; its collaborators, countless; its reach , like the universe itself, ever and eternally expanding. And like the universe, the NTUSA has its share of exploding stars, white dwarves and black holes—shows that dazzle, repel and suck you in forever! And though they are not a government agency, a fact their lawyers were quite clear should be laid plain, they are here to fill the tragic void that that organization lacks.

This internet web site shall attest to their history, dedication, and their forbearance, in the face of a thousand obstacles, to bring you the very best—nay, the future—of theatrical entertainment.


Our Historic Mission

We, the people of the National Theater of the United States of America, taking our forefathers at their word, hereby forge a true democracy in effort to bring you, the people, our collective vision.

We collaboratively conceive, build and execute spectacular works of theater through the dedicated convergence of our ideas, aesthetics, skills and passions. Through multiplicity of voice and vision, we create unified, intoxicating, space-specific theatrical universes which our audiences complete. Together, we confront the culture and history that we all breathe, promoting multiple perceptions, questions and often conflicting conclusions.

With love, we create a disturbance in the continuum.

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Where Do They Come From?

The NTUSA was created in 2000 with the inaugural production Garvey and Superpant$:Episode #23, for which a lavish, miniature 1930's era vaudeville theater was constructed in the basement of a dilapidated deli in Times Square. The piece was a popular and critical success, and firmly established the company on the New York theater scene.

In 2001, as chashama artists-in-residence, the NTUSA created Episode #17 of our Fathers, Garvey & Superpant$: Placebo Sunrise, converting a vacant storefront on 42nd St. into a 1950’s era Havana-style nightclub. An audience of forty followed the amnesiac heroes from Episode #23 on a paranoiac holiday, sipping custom ‘placebo’ cocktails in vertical tiers of seating. The show ran for three and a half months to sold-out houses and was hailed as one the years 10 best by Time Out New York.

In 2002 The NTUSA was awarded Arts International’s DNA project Grant and remounted Episode #23 at the 2002 ESB-Dublin Fringe Festival. (“...blows most of what we see these days on bourgeois stages out of the water” the Guardian.) The NTUSA also offered a one night only special presentation of Jack Russell’s Superconfidence Seminar™! at Galapagos in Brooklyn.

In 2003, in residence at Nest Arts in DUMBO, Brooklyn, the NTUSA created What’s That On My HEAD!?! Conceived as a theme park ride, the show’s audience rode a mobile platform pushed and pulled through the space, visiting sets on all sides. HEAD!?! explored multiple visions of the American Dream, alternate versions of accepted history and the culture's dual tendencies towards complacency and revolt. The show was extended twice and ran for ten weeks (January to March 2004).

In 2004, at The Stable, the company prepared its return to the 2004 ESB-Dublin Fringe Festival with Placebo Sunrise, and work shopped material for a new work. They also provided space for companies and individuals whose work went on to be seen at St. Anne’s Warehouse, Symphony Space, the Brooklyn Museum, the Ice Factory Festival, and PS122.

In January 2006 the NTUSA premiered Abacus Black Strikes Now: The Rampant Justice of Abacus Black at Performance Space 122 (2006 Village Voice OBIE award,) and developed an adaptation of Moliere’s Don Juan, which was presented as a workshop to limited audiences at chashama’s Bank Vault space in Long Island City, Queens.

In May, 2007, the NTUSA received the second Annual Spalding Gray Award honoring innovative writing and performance, a co-commission for a new work entitled The Chautauqua Lectures. The piece is inspired by the Lecture series of the same name which traveled the country from 1874 to the 1930’s and will be presented at PS122, The Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, UCLA Live and other venues in 2008/2009.

Valentines Day 2008! The World Premiere of NTUSA's Moliere's Don Juan at the Chocolate Factory in Long Island City, Queens. Return to Top

Who Are They?

Its members are seven: They are
Ryan Bronz
Mark Doskow
Yehuda Duenyas
Jessica Hawley
Jonathan Jacobs
Normandy Raven Sherwood
James P. Stanley

And designers:

Jody Elff
Ben Kato

And the NTUSA all-star actors:

Aimee McCormick
Matt Kalman
George Nobl
Ilan Bachrach
Ean Shehe
Sam Rosenfeld
David Giambuso
David Lloyd-Rabig
Jaime Peterson
Katie Ruben


                                 Tuesday October 21, 2008

                                 10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

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                       Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

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