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                              ELDER GEORGE



        Chief of: Men's Action to Rebuild Society


         Author: "Dear Brothers and Sisters -

                   Gender and Its Responsibility"



                                   (212) 874-7900 Ext 1329


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Welcome, my sons and daughters.  My name is George, I am your elder and I love you.
  I'm also the Chief of Men's Action to Rebuild Society, an organization that not only addresses the issues confronting you, but also takes action to resolve these issues.

Issues that we address are:

  • Two million men in prison
  • One million youth in street gangs
  • 10 million women suffering from depression
  • 20 million children being raised without a father
  • The pollution of the environment
  • The toxification of our bodies
  • The desecration of mother earth
  • Moral Decadence

The family has been destroyed.

You have been forsaken!

These issues are all related and need to be addressed. Instead, society is trying to escape from them.

The major escape vehicles are entertainment, sports (which is rapidly becoming entertainment), substance abuse, gambling, and pornography. People are trying to escape because they are unhappy with the unnatural societal structure imposed upon them.

Are you trying to escape? Wouldn't you rather work with Men's Action to fulfill its mission which is "to foster a more natural way of life for humankind?"

A natural way of life is to have extended families and a tribal or community oriented social structure with spiritual awareness.

A natural way of life is a balance between the masculine, feminine, and life principles.

Do you know the functioning of the entire universe is based upon gender? That everything created in the universe is a result of a pregnancy?

Western culture in its ignorance is attempting to create a genderless society. Pregnancies can not occur without the interplay of gender. Standards can not exist without the interplay of gender. Family can not be without the interplay of gender.

A genderless society will disintegrate because it based on an unnatural premise. Our society is disintegrating.

If you would like to learn more about what is causing this disintegration, and what you can do to share in rebuilding a better society, please click various subjects under picture.

I would be remiss if I did not address The World Trade Center incident, for it is a result of the confrontation between the extreme of the feminine culture and the extreme of the masculine culture. It is difficult for me to be objective about this event, for as a former naval officer I believe in defending my country no matter what the cause for confrontation. On the other hand,if I see my country taking a course that will result in the needless deaths of its young men in the military and civilians on both sides of the conflict, I am also concerned. There will be more written on this incident in the future, but for the moment your comments on "The Land of the Smoldering Vagina" will be appreciated.


Mission -- To foster a natural way of life for humankind.


  1. Rebuild the family
  2. Establish a community based tribal structure
  3. Promote a spiritual and material balance
  4. Foster respect for the environment and a life style that results in health and well being

Objective I: Rebuild the family.


  1. Create an awareness that men make families and, that patriarchy produces extended family
  2. Conduct male leadership training seminars and programs with emphasis on family and community responsibilities
  3. Develop a spirit of camaraderie among men
  4. Conduct single sex youth education programs and develop in each sex their unique ability and responsibility to the family
Objective II: Establish a community based tribal structure.


  1. Have street representatives address the personal and community concerns of the residents.
  2. Work with residents to inculcate in all people, especially youth, respect for others and their property.
  3. Cultivate a respect for elders and involve elders in the counseling of members of the community
Objective III: Promote a spiritual and material balance in social values and activities.


  1. Cultivate the realization that the purpose of the economy is to provide for the nurturing of the race, that it is not an end in itself
  2. Illustrate that all material things become obsolete, and that it is the unseen values that endure
  3. Promote a respect for other cultures, ethnicities, and religions
Objective IV Foster respect for the environment and a life style that results in health and well being.


  1. Promote a toxic free environment
  2. Support organic farming
  3. Promote vegetarianism
  4. Promote holistic health







                                 Tuesday October 7, 2008

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