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                                    CARL  PERSON Esq.


                    Anti Trust & Civil Rights Attorney

                                   Political Activist



  The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdbFG1kzIro - SOFYAN HARAHAP PhD



More about: CARL PERSON Esq.

Information Relating to the Law Practice of Carl E. Person


325 W. 45th Street - Suite 201
New York NY 10036-3803
Tel: (212) 307-4444
Fax: (212) 307-0247
E-mail: carlpers@ix.netcom.com

Harvard Law School, 1962

Updating Note on 03/14/08: My practice today is varied with:

  • representing defendants in federal courts in trademark, copyright, PACA, maritime, business tort, contract, fraud, defamation, and other commercial cases
  • representing defendants in federal courts as local counsel
  • representing plaintiffs in federal and state courts in contingent-fee litigation as to antitrust, civil rights, fraud, libel, predatory lending and employment cases
  • representing plaintiffs or defendants in various other types of litigation the outcome of which is important to the clients - in other words, I'm interested in almost any type of civil litigation except negligence, malpractice, small claims, matrimonials, and filing of bankruptcy proceedings
  • I do not do transactional work such as setting up corporations, filing of copyright or trademark applications, or real estate closings

Brief Description of Practice: (i) trademark, copyright, PACA and certain other civil litigation in the federal courts on an hourly-rate basis; and (ii) civil litigation (including Robinson-Patman Act and other antitrust, small business and civil rights), in the federal and state courts, mainly on a contingent-fee, or partial contingent-fee, basis.

    Admitted to Practice:
  • All New York Courts (1962)
  • U.S. District Court - Southern District of New York - New York NY (1970)
  • U.S. District Court - Eastern District of New York - Brooklyn NY (1975)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals - 2nd Circuit - New York NY (1975)
  • U.S. Supreme Court - Washington DC (1976)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals - 9th Circuit - San Francisco CA (1980)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals - 4th Circuit - Richmond VA (1994)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit - (1997)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals - 3rd Circuit - Philadelphia (1997)
  • Various U.S. District Courts (pro hac vice) including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Trenton, Chicago
  • Litigation Experience:


  • Robinson-Patman/Antitrust, including Carl E. Person v. Google, Inc., Coalition for a Level Playing Field LLC v. AutoZone, Advance Auto, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, The Intimate Bookshop v. Barnes & Noble, et al., New York, United Magazine Co. v. Murdoch Magazines Distribution, et al.,, New York, Coalition for a Level Playing Field, et al. v. AutoZone, Wal-Mart, et al., New York, Yellow Pages Advertising Agencies v. Bell Yellow Page Publishing Co's, SDNY, National Auto Brokers Corp. v. General Motors Corp., et al., SDNY; Parker Brothers v. Anti-Monopoly, Inc., San Francisco, Hygrade v. Tropicana, SDNY; Anti-Monopoly, Inc. v Hasbro, Inc., SDNY; Servco v. Xerox Corp., SDNY; Vitale v. Marlborough Gallery, et al., SDNY; Paralegal Institute v. American Bar Association, EDNY; Kramer v. Pollock-Krasner Foundation, SDNY
  • PACA Cases, representing plaintiffs or defendants, in federal courts, including 3 consolidated cases: Delmonte Fresh Product N.A. v. Ana Distribution; Giumarra International Marketing v. Ana Distribution; and Pacific Fruit, Inc. v. Ana Distribution
  • Civil Rights, including New York State Association of Career Schools v. State ducation Dept. of New York, SDNY (advertising); New York State Association of Career Schools v. State Education Department of New York, SDNY (excessive regulation); Person v. Association of the Bar, EDNY (lawyer advertising); Person v. Association of the Bar of the City of New York, EDNY (shares in lawsuits, expert testimony on contingency fee basis); Paralegal Institute v. American Bar Association, EDNY
  • Environmental, In re Lutheran Medical Center (environmental impact statement), EDNY
  • RICO, Teltronics v. L.M. Ericcson, EDNY, Rand v. Anaconda-Ericcson, EDNY
  • Bankruptcy, In re Feit & Drexler, Inc., SDNY; Teltronics v. L.M. Ericcson, EDNY, Rand v. Anaconda-Ericcson, EDNY; In re Rumican 190 Corp., SDNY-Bkcy Ct
  • FIRREA, Fisch v. Fidelcorp Business Credit Corp., SDNY; Goller Place Corp. v. RTC, EDNY, DNJ-Trenton
  • Copyright, Merchant v. Lymon, SDNY; Buckner v. Marvel Entertainment, SDNY; Cox v. Paramount, SDNY; Folke v. Paramount, SDNY; Associated v. Walt Disney Co., SDNY, Dunn v. Paramount, SDNY
  • Patent, Lemelson v. General Mills, Chicago; and Chalais v. Hasbro, SDNY
  • Trademark, Parker Brothers v. Anti-Monopoly, Inc., San Francisco; Charles of the Ritz Group, Ltd. v. Marcon, Ltd., SDNY
  • Class Actions, National Auto Brokers Corp. v. General Motors Corp., et al., SDNY; Collins v. American Express Corp., Sup. Ct., NY Co.
  • Diversity Litigation, federal courts: numerous cases from 1970 to present
  • Real Estate Litigation - various lawsuits in state and federal court relating to real estate, mortgages, injunctions, bankruptcy reorganization, land use
  • State Actions, numerous actions in state courts in New York, Florida and Pennsylvania involving real estate, misappropriation of ideas, breach of contract, unfair competition, commercial matters

Specialized Legal Websites Created, Authored and Maintained by Carl E. Person:

  1. Main Web Page -- www.lawmall.com


  2. Carl E. Person Attorney Website -- Website for Law Practice of Attorney Carl E. Person


  3. Website for offering or finding "tasks" Website for Offering or Buying "Tasks" of Any Type - Rather than Traditional "Employment"


  4. Website for Offering or Finding "Tasks" to be Performed by Attorneys Website for Attorneys to Place 100's or 1,000's of Ads Describing the Legal "Tasks" and "Fields" for or in which They Seek Clients


  5. Robinson-Patman Act / Price Discrimination -- Robinson-Patman Act, Price Discrimination Website"


  6. Stopping Wal-Mart, Other Superstores & Globalization -- Stopping Wal-Mart, Other Superstores & Globalization


  7. My First 4 Websites on Prosecutorial Abuse and Prosecutorial Misconduct - [Please note that each of these four websites begins with a Part I which is identical as to each of the 4 websites. Read it once, and skip over it to Part II in each of the other 3 websites.]:



  8. Sherman Antitrust Act -- My Sherman Act Website


  9. Cusack Papers a/k/a JFK Papers Litigation -- Website Showing How Government Can Rewrite History - Story of the "Cusack Papers" - 750 pages of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe Material - Government Prevailed in Criminal Proceeding in Spite of the Authenticity of the Papers
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