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                  Guest For  WEDNESDAY MAY 18, 2005


                                    AL ORENSANZ

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               Angel Orensanz Foundation

                       Center for the Arts




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Angel Orensanz Foundation
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Orensanz's Latest News

May 1, 2005
Angel Orensanz brings his recent work to a tour in Russia [...]
November 23, 2004
Paris Embraces Sculptor Angel Orensanz - La Fondation de France awards Angel Orensanz its Charles Oulmont Price 2004 in Fine Arts [...]
November 17, 2004
January 13 of 2005 Russian New Year's Eve fundraising Ball to aid families of Children of Beslan, Russia [...]
The Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts was established in 1992 by a group of artists who were inspired by the work of sculptor Angel Orensanz.

In a short period of time it has affirmed itself as a strong anchor of the visual and performing arts in New York.

Well-established institutions such as the PS I Museum; The Goethe Institute, New York; the Italian Cultural Institute; New York University; Columbia University; Princeton University and the National Russian Museum of St. Petersburg, as well as independent artists from all over the world develop here educational and artistic projects.

Over the years the Foundation has been able to forge strong alliances with the music, movie, and fashion industries of the US, Germany, England, and Latin America.

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Wednesday May 18, 2005

 /  10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

Channel 34 of the Time/Warner &Channel 110 of the RCN 
Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.


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Please check back in a couple of weeks. 4/26/05"  !! 

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