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                            RONALD W. GELL


"We shape our environment and thereafter our environment shapes us," said Winston Churchill. The choice is ours: order or chaos, design or destruction, civilization or barbarism. Architecture is the guardian spirit of our environment, nation, conscience, and humanity. Architecture is the truth at the edge of the light.
Ronald W. Gell, Architect



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Ronald W. Gell, AIA Architect

157 Jefferson Court
Norristown, PA 19401
PHONE: (610) 277-5806
FAX: (610) 277-5806
E-mail: ronaldgell@aol.com

Year Established: 1975
Firm is located in the County of Montgomery

Firm Personnel

Total Staff This Office 1 Architects (Registered) 1
Interns/Draftspersons 1 Interior Designers 1
Lighting Designers 1  

Examples of Projects
Residential Addition for Mr.& Mrs. Ryan Dorn, Malibu, CA;
Residential Seashore Houses, Beach Haven, NJ;
Farmers Market Remodeling, Phila.,PA;
East Falls Urban Design,Phila.,PA;
Residential Remodeling for Rev.and Mrs. Thomas McNutt,Phila.,PA;
Solar Residential Design for Andrew Gardner, Phila.,PA;
Residence for Mr.& Mrs. Dennis Dubin, Kimberton, PA.

Recognition Awards
Several projects received AIA Honor Awards for Excellence in Design in collaboration with others.

Types of Work

Historic Preserv/Restoration HP 5%   Housing (Single Family) HS 70%  
Interiors IT 5%   Landscape LS 5%  
Planning PL 5%   Solar Design SD 5%  
Urban Design UD 5%    

Special Services
Small Projects (under $50k)
Sustainable Design
Residential Architecture
Interior Design
Lighting Design
Solar Design
Historic Preservation

About the Firm
Established to honor the memory of the great master architect Louis I. Kahn who taught me architecture. I am dedicated to the reality and the belief that as we shape our environment, architecture has the power to shape our lives for the better; that Architecture is the record of civilization, where form and function are interdependent, creating order out of chaos and serenity out of complexity. Types of commended work include: Historic Preservation, Single Family Housing, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Solar Design, Urban Design, and Planning.


Client Contact: Ronald W. Gell, AIA Architect
Principals: Ronald W. Gell, AIA Architect


He has done many buildings, residential and commercial.

                One example: Post office near Atlantic City, NJ





Wednesday June 8, 2005

 /  10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

Channel 34 of the Time/Warner &Channel 110 of the RCN 
Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York. 

The Program can now be viewed on the internet at the time of cable casting at: 


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                                    241 West 36th StreetNew York,N.Y. 10018 Phone: 212-695-6351 E-Mail: HHC@NYC.RR.COM


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