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      Guest For  WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 23, 2005
                                             (Originally Aired: 10-14-02)


                          KEVIN SANDERS


                    Journalist / Commentator






Kevin Sanders

Kevin has spent his professional life in international broadcasting and journalism reporting in TV, radio, newspapers and magazines on politics, culture, science and finance. As Fox TV News commentator he presents progressive perspectives on world affairs. As anchor and founding parliamentary bureau chief of the Nine TV Network in Australia, Sanders was described by the country's leading political commentator, Alan Reid as "One of the few journalists who can recognize instantly the true political dynamics of any situation, whether it be a Georgetown cocktail party or an African Kraal."

His hosting of the live CNN coverage of the NASA shuttle missions won the Space Club Press Award, an honor shared over the years by Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. Sanders' CNN reports on alternative energy sources won the National Engineers' Award for Broadcasting Excellence. A later series of articles he wrote on the subject for Science Digest - including the first report on a new energy producing metal, Nitinol - were translated and republished by Japan Times in their annual selection of the world's best science reports.

His widely republished 1990 article "A Beginner's Guide to the BNL-BCCI Bank Scandal" was chosen by Project Censored as one of the top twenty stories of the year. It was later selected by Utne Reader Magazine as one of the top ten stories of the past ten years. Sanders' cover story for Whole Earth Review, "Age of Transparency" on the political implications of earth observation satellites was later anthologized with essays by William James, John F. Kennedy and Arthur C. Clark in the book, Securing Our Planet. Sanders has also written for The Nation, Futurist, Current, Horizons, Penthouse, Politiks, and newspapers and journals in USA, Europe, Japan and Australia.


As critic and commentator on ABC TV news in New York he often sparked controversy. Martin Scorcese once threatened to sue Sanders for his review of Taxi Driver. (However Scorcese later cast Sanders as the Duke in the film Age of Innocence.) In 1977 Sanders produced and hosted a widely transcribed and republished one-hour TV discussion on The Year 2000 with Margaret Mead, Herman Khan and William Irwin Thompson. In 1986 Sanders wrote and produced the Peabody nominated Footsteps of Giants, the first documentary for the newly established Fox Network - a one hour 25th anniversary TV special on the first American in space, for which he wrote the US President's introductory speech. The program was highly praised by the New York Times and is available on Pacific Video

In 1996 Sanders was the only journalist to cover the entire proceedings of the World Court hearings in the Hague on the legality of nuclear weapons. He later wrote, produced and hosted the Globalvision documentary on the hearings, The People vs The Bomb shown on PBS in New York and on national TV in Canada and Australia. In 1998 at Cambridge University in Britain he was the only journalist to cover the proceedings of The Planetary Interest conference.

Sanders has become increasingly active in NGO broadcast outreach at the United Nation. In 1997 as Chairman of the Earth Society Foundation, founded by Margaret Mead, Sanders hosted the first ever live webcast from the United Nations of the Earth Day Peace Bell Ceremony. At the ceremony Sanders proposed creating a C-Span of the UN - a continuing project. At the UN in 2003 Sanders produced and hosted a day-long international webcast forum on World Opinion: A New Superpower with a keynote address by Denis Kucinich. Later Sanders hosted a follow-up day-long conference on The Future of the UN at Seton Hall University with a keynote address from Walter Cronkite. The program can be seen online at: www.wfa.org/setonhall/index.html. As UN media representative for the London-based Oneworld Radio network of more than a thousand radio stations, Sanders provides a daily program, World Opinion to review international editorial commentary. The programs can be heard online at: http://radio.oneworld.net/mediamanage/search



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