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                                    Guest For WEDNESDAY AUGUST 25

                                    MICHAEL  GEOGHEGAN 


                 Economist / Development Advisor & Manager

                                      Scholar & Teacher 








Michel Henry Nucheze Geoghegan

90-12 181st Street Jamaica New York, 11423 USA


Profession: Economist/ Development Adviser and Manager

As an economist and development consultant, my experience has spanned over 30 years in over 80 countries, including 30 years of service with the United Nations and 6 years in the British Diplomatic Service.


University of London School of Oriental Studies, Diploma Chinese language & culture issued 1957 London School of Economics, London , Bachelor of Science in Economics (Honors), August, 1960
MA in Politics, New York University, 1973, Senior Thesis on UN Aid Programmes
Ph D. studies in Political Economy at New School, for Graduate Studies, New York, 1974-75.


United Kingdom Government Service: 1955-57
Royal Air Force Officer, June 1955-57
Member of British Diplomatic Service, Senior Branch, 1960-66
Foreign Office, South East Asia,1960-62 Dept., Burma desk and Colombo Plan (UK regional aid);
Third Secretary, UK Mission to the EEC, Belgium & Luxembourg, 1962-1964
Third Secretary, Cultural & International Affairs,UK Embassy, Manila, 1964-1966.
British Official in external aid matters, China, 1965


United Nations 1966-1972

Assigned to Office of Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP 1966-68. New York

Assigned to Division of External Relations, liaison with cooperating Agencies, 1968-72. New York

Assigned to Operational Bureau for Middle East and Europe, country programmes monitoring and later Regional Arab inter-country projects.

United Nations 1972-1979

- UNDP Bureau for Middle East, Arab States and Europe.

-Posted by UNDP as Deputy Resident Representative in Port au Prince, Haiti. 1978.

-Assigned to International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rome Italy, as consultant and advisor on technical Assistance & loan administration via country offices,1 979.

-Reassigned to UNDP, New York , working on Budget, Information as communicator, spokesman,and training officer.

- Part-time Undergraduate Assistant Professor at Fordham University, New York, while working at UNDP. Taught courses in International Relations, Political Science, International Development, United Nations History, Global analysis of Poverty including case studies of Turkey, Israel, India , and China. 1975-1983.

-Senior Advisor, UNDP Sierra Leone, 1985-1989. Involved in; aid coordination with International Finance and bilateral agencies; Supervising technical cooperation unit; overseeing Information section; Managing UN volunteers (UNV); and promoting computer training in the office.

Assigned to National Staff Training College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1992-94 as Professor / Instructor in UNDP-UNITAR project for Senior Ethiopian Government Officials on; Governance Enhancement; modernizing and motivating;, effective understanding of external aid agencies, NGO's and foreign governments; taught at three yearly sessions of one month 1992-94, voted "best instructor "by trainees at two of these sessions.

Volunteer Coordinator Trickle Up Program -poverty alleviation via Micro financed loans, 1985-1991. After office hours as Senior Programme Advisor in UNDP, Sierra Leone, I spent 2-3 hours daily to lead a special effort in Micro Finance in Sierra Leone1985-1988, and as occasional spokesman and speaker in USA.

United Nations 1989-1996

-Communications and Public Relations Specialist / Public Speaker for the UN in USA and Canada, World Affairs Councils and UNA's, Public Speaker at Universities in 40 US States on United Nations policy, global affairs and the environment.

-Consultant on Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries ( TCDC).

-Mission Leader on UN -NGO mission to Beijing, China. This mission meeting was with key Government agencies, foreign affairs and members of the China National Congress(CNC), UN agencies, such as UNDP and UNEP. A dialog was established on the ways and means of promoting an environment-oriented World Expo in China to be held in in Beijing in 2005 or 2006. The EXPO is aimed at becoming a showcase and marketplace for world environmental technological industries. Beijing, China, June, 2004.


Teaching Positions

-Professor, Beagle Learning Centers, Rego Park , Queens. Taught economics, sustainable development, global ecology & International diplomacy to Graduate teachers. 1996-present.

-Assistant Economics Professor, Empire State College, State University of New York, , 1997.

-Assistant Economics Professor on Global Affairs, Queens College, City University of New York, 1999-2000.

Published Poet - 2004.


Honorary Chair, Communications Coordination Committee for the UN . Meets monthly to review UN developments and consider ways of being involved: 1990 -present.

Co-Founder, World Information Transfer, New York, 1991-1994.

Chairman of Board, Earth Society Foundation , New York, 1996-2000. Board advisor, 2001-present.
Board Member, USA Club of Rome, 1996-present.

Fabian Society , Royal Economic Society , London School of Economics Society in America


Born: Jan 11, 1937, Bradford, England Nationality: British Citizen, US Resident Passport: British Embassy,Washington, DC Religion: Roman Catholic Health: No serious disorders


English Mother Tongue, French, Chinese, Spanish, German,Portuguese, Tagalog


Division of Human Resources and Personnel , UNDP,18th Floor, #1,UN Plaza, New York, NY, 10017, USA. Division of Personnel, British Foreign Office, King Charles St., London SW1, England

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