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                         STEVEN HIRSCH   




         Electronic Publishing Consultant

                        Publisher / Editor

                           Heaven Bone Magazine



  The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

         Steven Hirsch - Air date: 04-08-08 - STEVEN HIRSCH



More about: STEVEN  HIRSCH

Steve Hirsch is a poet, musician, electronic publishing guru, and editor/publisher of the literary magazine Heaven Bone. He studied writing and drama at Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO, where he was a student and apprentice of Allen Ginsberg and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. In recent years he has been riding his Harley all over the Northeast,  studying buddhism, poetry and writing with Natalie Goldberg, and playing latin and african drums as a founding member of the drum circle "Spirithawk". He has been leading poetry workshops and giving poetry readings nationally for over 25 years. Steve is the author of Ramapo 500 Affirmations (Flower Thief, 1998) and he has had poems appear in Hunger, Napalm Health Spa Report, For Immediate Release, Pudding, Big Scream, Hazmat Review, Muse Apprentice Guild, and Etcetera.

Steve has read at the Core Gallery in New Paltz; the Catskill Mt. Foundation in Hunter, NY; Monkey Joe's Cafe in Kingston, NY; the Dactyl Foundation Gallery, NYC; The Bowery Poetry Club; A Gathering of the Tribes, NYC, and The Howland Cultural Center, Beacon, NY. among others. I loved watching some of the conversation you did with Ray Kurzweil. I have read some of his books and I was blown away. Being a technologist and a spiritual being is a high art and I respect his perspective on the future and the challenges we face. I have always been interested in nanotechnology and the potential for lifespan extension through nanomedicine and nuclear medicine. I believe that eventually death will be cured.

Along these lines I have always been very interested in UFO's in ancient biblical mythology and have read widely in this area. I am a closet Raelian and love their movement's philosophy of love and pleasure. We all come from the stars really.

On magazine publishing: I am on the front lines right now in the magazine industry as it fights for it's survival and it's not pretty. People are being layed off and companies are terminating employees with tenure of 20 and 30 years on the job. New media paradigms are killing traditional newspaper and magazine trades. Young people don't read them anymore because all the content they need is on demand 24/7 online for download. The art of the book needs to be held high and preserved before we are forced to read everything on computer screens and digital readers with wireless access to every word ever written. That's exciting and extremely threatening at the same time.



Seeking a Directors position in Pre-Press Technology Support for a graphics, advertising, or publishing firm which will allow me to utilize my years of experience in both technical and creative aspects of computer graphics production and management on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.


5/2007 - Present     Quebecor World Premedia New York, NY

NY Regional Technical Services Manager

• Handled all technical and prepress service and support for multiple NY area production sites

• Developed workflow maps, refined database systems and performed advanced prepress troubleshooting

• Did all purchasing, budgets and hardware/software installs and integration.

• Calibrated color managed proofers and managed all color managed systems

• Managed all servers and infrastructure including Dalim Twist, Filemaker, SGI file servers and Webnative/Venture DAM systems.

10/2000 - Present   Hachette Filipacchi Media, U.S., Inc.      New York, NY

Systems Manager / Pre-press

• Provided training, coaching and hardware/software support for 400+ production, editorial & creative users on Mac and PC electronic publishing platforms.

• Designed, programmed and implemented the "HFM Ad Log" database system using Filemaker Pro, streamlining the firm’s CTP ad workflow and greatly increasing operating efficiency and ability to meet deadlines.

• Directed the firm’s leading-edge implementation of color management and virtual soft-proofing technologies for Elle, Home, Premiere, Woman’s Day, Road & Track, Car and Driver, Cycle World, Boating, Flying, Popular Photography, and other titles.

• Managed and developed the firm’s intranet font/training server using Dreamweaver MX.

• Managed DAM, FTP and automated broadband file transmission workflow systems using Mass Transit, Applescript, and Wamnet.

2/1999 - 7/2000      Wilson Media Corp./Union Hill Printing Company Ridgefield, NJ

Manager of Technologies

• Managed the company’s Windows NT/95/Macintosh network and established internet mail services for two domains.

• Directed fulfillment for the company’s Citibank "Citi f/i" an interactive banking site and led the firm’s digital printing department.

• Managed the firm’s pre-press service bureau operations and supported the firm’s employees in a variety of creative DTP applications on both Mac and PC platforms.

• Performed all computer hardware and software purchasing, installations and upgrades as well as tech support and troubleshooting.


7/1998 - 12/1998    Bruce McGaw Graphics      W. Nyack, NY

Director of Creative Services

• Created a new Creative Services Division as consultant for this fine art publisher and established new processes and procedures for efficiency in graphics production workflow .

• Built and managed a team of 10 professionals and provided training and coaching to them in the areas of Pre-Press, Production Services, Fine Art Acquisitions, Electronic Publishing, and Color Retouching and Design.

• Managed budgets and databases as well as did all purchasing, hiring and

administrative functions for my department, reporting directly to the President of the firm.

11/1997 - 7/1998    Stromberg Consulting       Purchase, NY

Manager of Technology and Communications

• Completely renovated the company’s Appleshare network and established internet mail services.

• Designed intranet sites for Fortune 100 companies and acted as a technology consultant to the firm and to the firm’s clients.

• Did Quark production work and trained company employees in the integrated use of Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, Filemaker Pro, Claris Home Page, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

• Performed all computer hardware and software purchasing, installations and upgrades as well as tech support and troubleshooting.

9/1996 - 11/1997    Scott Foresman/Addison Wesley Longman/McClanahan & Co.          New York, NY

Electronic Production Coordinator/Systems Admin.

• Directed pre-flight and production coordination on AW Math textbooks and ancillaries.

• Re-configured the 50-user Appleshare network and cleaned up all systems gaining a significant increase in production efficiency.

• Trained the art and editorial staff in Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Word and Filemaker Pro.

• Troubleshot all hardware, software & network problems.

• Designed and programmed a relational database for Art Buyers to manage freelancer contacts as well as log and track their art purchases through the production process.

5/1992 - 9/1996      GTFH/Phase V Communications   New York, NY

Macintosh Graphics Systems Manager

• Responsible for desktop mechanical production, layout, photo-retouching, pre-press supervision, illustration and associate art direction for this leading medical advertising and communications firm.

• Supported 200+ users on a 5-zone Appleshare network, providing DTP training, network configuration, hardware upgrades and technical consulting.

• Designed creative Filemaker Pro database solutions for promotional and management use.

6/1990 - 2/1992      J&J Computing, Inc.          Suffern, NY

Sales Manager/DTP Trainer

• Directed of all proposal-based sales and consulting.

• Provided high level support & training to corporate Macintosh users.

4/1989 - 6/1990      Computer Emporium/Resolve     Vails Gate, NY

Senior DTP Consultant

• Responsible for Macintosh sales, support & training.

• Desktop Publishing & Design specialist.

10/1987 - 3/1988    Shaver Advertising Agency, Inc.  Middletown, NY

Systems and Production Manager

• Managed studio of digital typesetters, layout & design production supervision.

• Responsible for project planning & client management.

• Oversaw all computer operations.

7/1982 - 8/1987      Lounette Novelties Inc.     New York, NY


Family business; bridal veils, formal hats and millinery.


6/1977          The Storm King School      US-NY-Cornwall-On-Hudson

High School or equivalent

-        Exemplary private liberal arts high school in the Hudson Valley.

6/1981          Naropa University   US-CO-Boulder

Associate Degree

-        Associates program in Theatre Studies.


6/1985          Bard College US-NY-Annandale-On-Hudson

Bachelor's Degree

-        B.A. in Drama/Dance; minors in English and Sculpture


7/2003 - Present     Filemaker Solutions Alliance        Member

6/2002 - Present     DISC Working Group         Member

10/2000 - Present   Digital Ad Lab         Member

5/1994 - Present     The Poetry Project at St. Marks   Member

2/1988 - Present     American Society of Gemcutters  Member (CGG)

9/1987 - Present     Council of Literary Magazines & Presses Member


                                      Tuesday April 8, 2008

                                 10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

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                       Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

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