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                Coop Owners Association (COA)



                        SHEILA HOLLINGSWORTH-GELL





                  Coop Owners Association (COA) 


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The Director-General (since 1990) and founder of IAED, Dr. Larry T. Gell, is listed in many "Who's Who" international directories. He also runs two international business executive management consulting firms founded in 1960 and 1970. His consulting assignments are some of the worlds most successful business stories (domestic and international). He has trained thousands of Chairmen, CEO's, Presidents, Senior Marketing and Sales Executives around the globe. Dr. Gell is considered to be one of the worlds top speakers/lectures on topics of Global Strategy, Geopolitical Risks, Global Business Management and Global Marketing/Sales Strategies. He has advised Governments on Geopolitical Strategy and Global Strategy.


Sheila Hollingsworth-Gell
Sheila Hollingsworth (aka: Mrs. Larry T. Gell) is a member of the Executive Board of IAED and the Executive Producer of IAED's weekly television program, "Inside The United Nations: The Global Issues," which appears on MNN and the internet. 

Ms. Hollingsworth began her career as a summer hire (at Western Electric, an AT&T subsidiary, now defunct), while a college student.  After graduation, she was assigned to the typing pool (after she was discovered typing at a speed of over 130 words per minute), where she lasted only three days, before being transferred to AT&T's headquarters in NYC, and was assigned to work in several different capacities in the Office of the Chairman (under three consecutive Chairmen), leaving after the anti-trust settlement and reorganization of AT&T in 1983.

In 1983, Ms. Hollingsworth pursued two careers simultaneously, as she first became her husband's partner in his consulting firm.  She also pursued another career simultaneously [as an entrepreneur], creating a company "by accident," while trying to find work for herself in NYC, during a recessionary economy of downsizing, which later became acknowledged as (the onset of) "globalization."  The world and the workplace had started to change, and technology had arrived in the workplace.  Jobs that were traditionally in the office, moved out of the office and into your home.  Employees who were downsized from their employers, became "freelancers or "consultants."  This firm ultimately became, "The Executive's Assistant," which flourished at a time when work in NYC and the U.S. was non-existent and at an all-time high for unemployment.  Temporary and permanent placement agencies, or prominent U.S. companies were either downsizing, filing for bankruptcy, merged with their competitors, or moved off-shore or south of the border to become more "competitive in the new global market."

"The Executive's Assistant" flourished because it found a niche, and Ms. Hollingsworth had the resources through her personal and professional contacts to tap her fellow peers as candidates, employees and clients, whom she hired or referred to NYC's top Chairmen, Vice Chairmen and President/CEOs, for recruitment.

Ms. Hollingsworth's clients are 'household names': "The Who's Who and The Rainmakers, Moguls and Titans of NYC, National and International Business, Finance, Real Estate,Publishing, Airlines, Designer Cosmetics, TV & Radio Broadcasting,  Entertainment,  Haute Couture Fashion, Professional Sports, Socialites, Philanthropy, Politics & Diplomacy"... including a former U. S. Presidential candidate and clients from virtually every type of business that is conducted locally and globally.

Ms. Hollingsworth has also been a bilingual investment banker, at several prominent, international investment banks.


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Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director
COA - Coop Owners Association
PO Box 979-GCS
New York, NY 10017

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