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                              JOSH  VOLINSKI




                     Independent Media Producer

                               Producer / Host

                       "The Josh Volinski Show"



                              "UGLY  GEORGE"




                      Independent Media Producer       



The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

     Joshua Volinisk & "Ugly George" - Air date: 05-15-08




Joshua (Josh)Volinski is a very effective advocate for Justice and Human Rights. He is a Public Intellectual in the best sense of the word; an audio didactic steeped in the best of intellectual concern and socially conscious activism. He has been involved in progressive causes of decades with great emphasis on communications in "on air" efforts at radio station WBAI and more recently at Manhattan Neighborhood Network the public access cable television facility in New York City. He was very well connected to all members of the City University of New York for many decades and has an amazing facility with "Networking" with his social skills in bridging the gaps between intellectual and ideological chasms and arriving at reasonable and progressive consensus. WBAI99@AOL.COM. (212) 873-1954


"Ugly George" A Social and media critic of the hypocrisy of the society at large and particularly those self appointed guardians of "morality" in the public sphere. He seems to be of the opinion that such an attitude is transferred to "Alternative thinking" of all stamps Political, Economic and Philosophical -- stifling free thought and a vibrant democratic order -- a powerful detriment of needed change. Documentarian Danny Schechter opines of UGLY GEORGE: "Before reality TV before Girls Gone Wild before the idea of young ladies baring their breasts for the camera became vogue Ugly George roamed the streets of  New York and persuaded young women to undress for his camera. How did he get away with it?  Why would any woman in her right mind cooperate? Could he possibly have had sex with more ladies than Wilt Chamberlain as he claims? Boob Tube documents two stories one about a one man crusading machine against hypocrisy and two about society s deep rooted obsession with naked women".


                                      Tuesday May 13, 2008

                                 10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

                 Channel 34 of the Time/Warner & Channel 82 of the RCN 
                       Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

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