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                              PAULA GLORIA


 Producer / Host: Public Access Television Show



                 "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole"




                                    AL DUFFY


                            Artist / Activist

          Self Styled "Endangered Revolutionary"


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 Paula Gloria & Al Duffy - Air date: 04-15-08 - PAULA GLORIA & AL DUFFY



More about: PAULA GLORIA

Paula Gloria - A successful airwave speculator in the '80s, in 1990 Ms. Gloria became the first (and only) female entrepreneur to successfully build and operate a U.S. cellular telephone company, which was sold in 1992 to Telephone & Data Systems for $21 million. In 1996 she created The Concordia Foundation while living on the Island of Cyprus and experimenting with eco-village renewable technologies. She came to NYC in 1997 and become involved in Public Access television as a tool to make available important knowledge, often suppressed in mainstream media, with her first TV series, a radical holistic health program entitled The Whole Tooth. In year 2000 Ms. Gloria traveled to India to gain eastern divine knowledge and to make her charity more effective by addressing global problems such as pedophilia and organized sex-slavery. Her daily TV show "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole", inspired by the breakthrough documentary film "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" airs on Time-Warner Manhattan cable with over one hundred shows on the Net.


Paula Gloria Tsakona is the President and Director of The Concordia Foundation and a Producer of New Realities Global Public Access.

The Concordia Foundation was created in 1996 with her ex-husband Vincenzo Santiglia, a native of Sicily, Italy while they were living on the island of Cyprus doing preliminary work to create an eco-village.  The initial money in the foundation had come from windfall profits in the cellular licensing opportunities of the 80’s.  The name was inspired by the famous Sicilian temple in Agrigento dedicated to “the harmonious gathering of all the forces.”

Her present passion is free access to all people of the world to global communication using the tools of Non-Violent Communication.  Inspired by Alan Steinfeld’s ten year Public Access TV show she is convinced that the terrific stress and challenge of our modern day can be transformed into the energy needed to create New Realities 

All efforts of the charity is dedicated to this purpose.




"Always Going Deeper"




Live Streaming Video


Paula Gloria
Watch the Show Nelson Rockefeller Kept Calling About

"Farther Down the Rabbit Hole" with Paula Gloria debuted September 2005 on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (Public Access TV) and was based on the many interviews done with stars from the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" before the movie was even contemplated.

This theme of "Creating Your Reality" shifted into politics and spirituality when Paula Gloria started to bring on as a regular guest, Webster Tarpley, historian, scholar and expert on international terrorism. His book 9/11-Synthetic Terror - Made in USA, along with Paula Gloria's interest in Marshall Rosenberg's "Nonviolent Communication" took the show to a whole new level giving practicality to her four years in India studying divine wisdom and the solution to the eternal problems of mankind.

For three seasons the show was an hour long weekly with the last half hour dedicated to live call-ins and due to the provocative nature of the show became lively indeed!

Technical access permitting Paula Gloria will initiate rabbitholecentral.tv to debut on Jun 21st so that with live video stream following her daily "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole" the internet will allow easy access to not only her viewers but other producers she has worked with on MNN.

Bookmark this site as each week's shows will be posted for your viewing and commenting convenience. The new media is YOU! and together we can create New Realities!



Last Week of November 2007
11.26 to 11.30.07
MNN.org, ch 34, 11:30 am
Watch As Manhattan Is Watching!

Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday Nov 26th to 28th
I did it again and didnt't drop off tapes in time! Now we have to be FOUR days in advance so maybe even Thursday will be a surprise

Thursday, November 29th
Massive Re-edit of Private Video Sent to Me by Howard Stern folks
The most horrific publicity stunt ever with Sarah Silverman (who I thought was just a beautiful writer put up to the task of getting ratings up) smelling the balls of the very man who used to punk my show! It was taken down almost as soon as it went up on YouTube. Here is my version and a re-edit. You are going to have to watch as Manhattan is watching..

Friday, November 30th
9/11 Panel, Jim Fetzer and Dean Loren in the control room pt 2
This was the second of a three part panel done in April of 2007 on methods to investigate how the World Trade Center towers came down with Dr. James Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Sharin Chiorazzo, host of WBAI's "Live from Palestine" and Josh Volinski, producer of "The Josh Volinski Show"


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Matt Lapacek and Sabrina Rivera at MNN

Join Paula Gloria with two of the most outstanding We Are Changers (the most "outspoken and challenging" 9/11 Truth activists). With Dean Loren in the (out of) control room this show gives an insight into how difficult it is to get people on the same page BUT ONCE there how rewarding change can be! Matt makes interesting comments about Howard Stern






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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

5-17-06 Farther Down the Rabbit Hole pt1

Paula Gloria addresses the problem of cranky callers and the unspoken unmet needs that we shoud all be patient about. She gives some information about remote viewing and alerts people to an upcoming event in Manhattan with Russell Targ and JJ Hurtak, both scientists and one a prophet.?


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hope you enjoy this
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