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                                  IKE KARNICK

                  Artist / Environmentalist

               Photojournalist & Filmmaker



                  Director: "One World Water"

                  One World Communications / Earth Films

                                               26 School House Lane

                                       Syosset, New York 11791 USA




More About IKE KARNICK:                

Biography of Ike Karnick

Irwin "Ike" Karnick is a planetary citizen; a photojournalist and filmmaker whose work uses compelling words and images designed to inspire social and environmental activism. His faith embraces the human spirit, his culture is that of the human race. Karnick's early research resulted in the first film about acid rain in North America.  A fine artist, his credentials are supported by numerous Canadian Arts awards. His current project, entitled "The Artists, Water and Seven Seas" was done in association with two divisions of UNESCO as well as the Portuguese Water Authority, EPAL. Mr. Karnick is a prolific visual artist and journalist.

In his early days as a photographer, he formed his own art and film group serving the advertising industry and corporate giants.  The client list included J. Walter Thompson, McCann-Ericson Advertising Agencies, Coca Cola Inc., American Can Company, Olivetti and others. His career as a fashion/ illustration photographer, working on Madison Avenue, catered to the fashion and music industries and expanded his client list to include Twentieth Century Fox and United Artists in the areas of film promotion, music and advertising.

Ike Karnick's overriding concerns for the fragility of our world has directed the course of his artistic life.  Emigrating to Canada in the 1970's, the author freed himself to combine his efforts with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/TV and the National Film Board, Canada to research and produce environmental films, while farming 300 acres in Ontario. Most notably, his work is in the collections of the Canadian Museum of Photography, the Library of Queen Elizabeth II, President Clinton's White House Library, as well as in the private collections of Anthony Quinn, Sam Shaw and Rutger Hour. One of his books was a gift to the delegates at the first "UN Law of the Sea" conference, given by the Canadian Department of Fisheries.

Living in Ontario, Karnick ran for political office on an environmental agenda while hosting a classical music and political controversy show on FM radio. For the past 30 years, his images have been exhibited at myriad venues featuring environmental/political concepts throughout North America and Europe.  His exhibitions were circulated widely by the government of Canada.  His work has been featured internationally at numerous private galleries.  Ike Karnick was the only living artist to be shown at the Rotunda at Columbia University in New York and was exhibited at the Second World Water Form at The Hague.

With the support of the President of Portugal and the President and government of the Azores, Ike Karnick published a landmark limited edition book renowned among European dignitaries. His journalistic work focuses on the world's water crisis, global warming and social/political issues. Funded in part by UNESCO, Mr. Karnick has continued to gather data on the interface of human motivation, global economics and environmental concerns.

He travels extensively to gather first hand knowledge and images that relate directly to his artistic agenda.  His presentations include environmental sculpture as well as film and photographic treatments. The Law of the Sea Division at the UN recently nominated him for the prestigious PEW fellowship foundation award.  Out of the 200 invited applicants he placed 13th in the final round of 20. At present he continues to create additional books, exhibitions and films to illustrate the "global problematique."

Book publishing: Seven Seas

Work-in-progress: three new books


                                          Tuesday, April 11, 2006

                            10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

              Channel 34 of the Time/Warner &Channel 107 of the RCN 
                     Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

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