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(and Channel 111 of the RCN) Cable television systems in Manhattan New York


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Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Help Save Public Access TV!
Your Community Cable Channels (Public, Educational, Governmental) are
under threat by pending legislation in the House and Senate. Take Action!

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FCC NPRM Comment Period Ends. Over 3900 public comments filed.
updated February 18th, 2006
Thanks to all who took the time to make their voice heard. Your comments will help make a difference!
Read the MNN Press Release on the FCC Filing.

More info . . .

Senate commerce committee meets Feb. 15th on video franchising.
updated February 14th, 2006
Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Co-Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) have scheduled a Full Committee Hearing on Video Franchising for 10am on Wednesday, February 15, 2006.
Tony Riddle of the ACM will testify on behalf of public access centers nationwide.

The session has been archived in realplayer format - watch it here!

Save Public Access TV - An Update
updated January 10th, 2006
A round up of events of recent weeks and what's ahead.
More Info . . .

Sign on to protest the Legislation that Threatens Public Access TV
updated January 4th, 2006
We still need your letters of support, please take a moment to sign onto our online campaign. It only takes minutes!

More Info . . .
What you can do!
Send these three email letters now!
More Telecommunications Legislation Proposed in Senate. FCC also proceeds with NPRM on Video Franchise.
posted December 23, 2005
On December 15th, 2005 , Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a member of the Senate Commerce Committee, introduced the Digital Age Communications Act (DACA).

Additionally the FCC is proceeding with its Notice of Public Rule Making on Video Franchises, the public comment period ends Feb. 13, 2006.

BITS II - Legislation Markup delayed until Early 2006
posted December 14, 2005
The draft bill BITS II (Broadband Internet Transmission Service) is a disaster for PEG and local governments and other public interest elements. This week House Energy and Commerce Chairman Joe Barton, R-Texas, abandoned his quest for a subcommittee vote December 14th on draft telecommunications legislation, after committee Republicans and Democrats balked at his quick time-frame.
Read this report. . .

Meanwhile, San Antonio Public Access TV is suffering under similar Texas State Legislation passed months ago - a sign of things to come . . . Read Alert . . .

More Info on BITS II . . .
What you can do now! Call, Write, email!

New - ACM Web email Launched
posted November 11, 2005
The Alliance for Community Media has launched a new web page that allows you to email your elected representatives directly! Sign on to the ACM letter and make your voice heard! Remember to use the MNN pages too - your letters also help us when we speak to our local representatives about this legislation.

Go to the ACM email page!

  Watch the MNN PSA


                                       Tuesday February 28, 2006

                            10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

              Channel 34 of the Time/Warner &Channel 107 of the RCN 
                     Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

  The Program can now be viewed on the internet at the time of cable casting at:


       NOTE: You must adjust viewing to reflect NYC time & click on channel 34 at site


                                    241 West 36th StreetNew York,N.Y. 10018 Phone: 212-695-6351 E-Mail: HHC@NYC.RR.COM


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