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               Guest For TUESDAY MAY 3 2005               

                                      FRANK  CRAVEN

                        Writer / Actor / Artist / Musician



                                 (212) 967-7711 Ext. 3259





Contact:   (212) 826-0358

Represented By:
Creative Talent & Management (NY) 718-658-0443

Special Skills:
artist, car owner, computer owner, fluent in catalan, harmonica, Healing arts, meditation, most sports, salsa dancer, tenor, video editor/producer, yoga, Baseball, Basketball, Billiards, Equestrian, Ice Skating, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Guitar, Improvisation, Mime, Percussion, Singer, Wind Instrument, African Accent, British Accent, Cockney Accent, French Accent, Irish Accent, Italian Accent, New England Accent, New York Accent, Russian Accent, Southern Accent, Spanish Accent, Fluent French, Fluent Italian, Fluent Spanish

Additional Attributes:
Height: 6 ft. 1 in., Weight: 195 lbs., Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

Union Status:

ONGOING: What's Ailing/Healing USAmerica? **
LAW AND ORDER Computer Programmer Game/Paramount
DARK JUSTICE Defense Attorney Ackerman CBS/LORIMAR
TO DIE FOR Arresting Cop Dave Calloway, Dir.
DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY   Ken Wiederhorn, Dir.
BILL COSBY SHOW Valentine's Day Guitarist for Jeffery Osborne  
SWIFT JUSTICE -- Stones Guitarist UPN
Daytime Dramas -- Background/U5s ABC, CBS, NBC
WAR OF THE WORLDS Man on the Street Paramount/Spielberg
STAND UP TRAGEDY (trembling) Junkie Horseshoe Prod. Co.
DOG BOY/DAFT PUNK Book Salesman with dog Spike Jonz/Satellite Films
STRAYS Myles (Pot Dealer) Vin Diesel/Castle Rock
BARCELONA KILL Mafioso/Sniper Antonio de La Loma/Cin. Catala
THE 3 CORNERED HAT The Mayor/El Alcalde 30 State BRP Bi-lingual Tour
HAROLD PINTER Sketches Characters Nat Horne Theater
THE CLOTHES "MAKE" THE MAN* Rober/Ellio & John Producers Club- Si Si & El
QUATRE CHATS ET UN LOUP Jean Claude The Riant Theater
AUTHORITY VS. MAJORITY* Capitan Sado American Th. of Actors
VICTIM OF AMERICAN POLITICS* Cameraman American Th. of Actors
NIKI'S WEDDING Niki The Glines/Shandol Theater
MAN OF LA MANCHA Chorus Corning Summer Theater
UNCLE VANIA Uncle Vania Am. Institute of Barcelona
BUS STOP Bo Decker Am. Institute of Barcelona
OUR TOWN Doc Gibbs Grandson & Son of orig. stars
ORIGINAL PLAYS Leads & Characters NYU, TNC, ATA, Cubiculo, +
Shakespearean Reader For WBAI RADIO    
COMMERCIALS -- Demo Reel &/or Print Book Available
"Top Model" status in Spain Car, Insurance & Oil Companies, and Banks, Liquors, represented
Comedian; MC, Host to many disco fashion shows and night clubs, churches & hospitals; Featured regular @ The Comic Strip;
Serenading troubadour of Webster Hall; FLAMENCO/FOLK GUITAR and HARMONICA @ Spanish restaurants and bars
John Craven (Father, Drama Teacher in his High School) Acting w/Edward Morehouse, HB Studio for 2 years of full programs
Summer Stock Apprentice Drama Coach for The Actors Youth Fund Actors Institute, C.O.C.,
Writer/Director of eight original OOBA shows* in NYC & Barcelona, Spain Video Associates
Studied MIME w/Richard Morse & Pilar Garcia El Estudio de Actores Weist-Barron


*4 original plays at The Lincoln Center Library, Theater Video Archive;**2000 Telly Award "The Natural Law Party. 2002 Telly; WTC RIP, Houston Film Festival 1992 Silver Award (Comedy Screenplay "Authority Vs. Majority")2001 Worldfest Houston BRONZE award for the 1/2 hr. doc."FREE LEONARD PELTIER NOW!" 2002, "Criminal" Voices In The Wilderness. 1999/2000 Hometown Video Festival Honorable Mention for "Frank Craven presents Music & Art from Spain" Judges Choice for "Right Vs. Righteous". 2001 NY Indie Film Festiva





Authority vs Majority


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  I pray that we all learn to love ourselves and help ourselves be a better, healthier person.


I say, in a loud voice, we are living in an illusion – created by us (GOD) and we have alien contact long ago

In charge of orchestrating our political/economical “realities.”



Great men, such as Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo Da Vinci,  Tchaikovsky , etc. are helping to make this planet a more co-habitable living space amongst all.  Presidents concerned with power are not.


“God” is an ever present Reality ...  Government, religion & economy is a joke! That humanity plays on itself.  They are a man-made creation for solutions to an ever increasing problem that grows from mankind’s attempt at organization.  The inherent nature of humanity is Good  - But since we are ruled by STUPIDITY & GREED instead of intelligence & benevolence, war, starvation & disease is prevalent.


 As I mentioned before, I feel that we are being manipulated by some alien force that has infected the heart of political power because it seems totally inhumane to walk past homeless and hungry people every day.


Let’s take the capital of Ego and make it the silent e in humane.



Tuesday  May 3, 2005

 /  10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

Channel 34 of the Time/Warner &Channel 107 of the RCN 
Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York. 

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