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                    Swami Shantanand

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                          Vedic Mystic




Shantji and his philosophy of non-doing


Shantji was born in a spiritual family in northern India in 1946. Since early childhood he was contemplative about the mysteries of life. He was deeply moved and inspired by the lives of great mystics and saints. After graduating with honors from the University of Allahabad, he spent several years in monasteries and caves practicing Raja yoga and meditation. Ultimately he realized the truth of being beyond the boundaries of his individual self.

Shantji does not practice or promote the orthodox values of any religion. He is a free being with a passion for teaching and sharing the wisdom of "Non-Doing" or the "Spontaneous Flow of Life." This method of inquiry reveals that all thoughts, feelings, desires and decisions spontaneously arise in one's being or energy field, and that one is not in direct control of them. They are regulated and coordinated by this energy field without one's willful involvement. The realization of "Non-Doing" gives one a sense of total acceptance and freedom no matter unfolds in one's life.

Shantji inspires us to enjoy the warmth of connectedness. He says we fail to experience it because we constantly judge ourselves or others. We do not live in the moment. We overuse our mind and ignore the heart which is the seat of connectedness. From the time he came to the United States in 1980, Shantji has been teaching, lecturing and conducting workshops throughout the country. He has written several books and appeared on numerous radio and television programs. He has established spiritual centers both in India and the United States. Shantji invites you to directly realize the truth of being beyond all concepts.

Intensives With Shantji

Shantji offers day long and weekend intensives. Among the most widely attended is "Freedom Here and Now, Discovering the Spontaneous Flow of Life."

This workshop is a crash-course in Self-realization. It is based upon persistent questioning, soul-searching, meditation and group sharing. In a safe, loving setting participants are asked to plunge deeply into the nature and cause of their beliefs. They are encouraged to test these beliefs in the light of their direct, present experience and inner sensitivity. They are gently goaded to discover that because of lack of deep observation and awareness, they have been holding onto their childhood stories as their truths.

Through experiential exercises the participants become very alert and aware of their inner state in the moment. They realize that sensations lead to thoughts, thoughts to feelings, feelings to desires, desires to decisions, and decisions to actions. These are entirely determined by one's bodily condition, outside circumstances and latent impressions. One has no control over this process. One simply witnesses the unfolding drama of life.

As a pen is used for writing, the body and mind are used for actions by one's energy field, which is beyond the ego. This energy field keeps on refining itself until it is completely freed from pain and established in happiness. No longer bound with their guilt, fear and pride, participants conclude the workshop knowing and celebrating their true being inseparably connected with all existence.


Lectures by Shantji

Shantji is a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker. He interweaves humor, wit, and stories with spiritual insights. He engages his audience with simple and profound questions. Some favorite lecture topics are:

  • The Energy Field of Connectedness
  • The Illusion of Ego, Doership and Accomplishment
  • Letting Go of the Illusion of Letting Go
  • Freedom from Self-Doubt, Insecurity and Fear
  • Exploring the Meaning and Purpose of Life
  • Sexuality, Spirituality and Relationship
  • Loneliness, Co-Dependence and Transcendence
  • Expectations, Attachments and Judgments
  • Guilt, Creativity and Hanging Loose
  • Confusion, Stagnation and the Power of Clarity
  • Celebrating the Unfolding Process of Life


To schedule a lecture or workshop with Shantji in your area, to order books and tapes, or for more information contact ElyseGold@aol.com.

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