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                             Captain JOHN DOSWELL


                            Executive Director:



                        Working Harbor Committee


                                     MEG BLACK

                     Program Development Director




                         Working Harbor Committee 



  The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

Captain John Doswell & Meg Black - Air date: 04-24-08 - JOHN DOSWELL & MEG BLACK


------------------------------------------------------------------------------   More about: Captain JOHN DOSWELL, MEG BLACK and the Working Harbor Committee     

Capt. John Doswell was a writer, designer, producer and software developer for many years before turning his attention to NYC's waterfront. He serves on the board of several waterfront organizations and founded Friends of Hudson River Park. He is also part of the development team for Pier 57.He was a Media and Communications Consultant Combining extensive experience in all presentation media - live, captured, written, spoken, visualized, automated.. Doswell's was a pioneer in multimedia presentations for corporate presentations since the mid 60's, when he developed many of the techniques that defined the industry. Since 1971, he has been the co-owner and President of Doswell Productions, a full service production and software development company for corporate communications and business theater events of all kinds. He is a writer, designer and computer systems designer/programmer. He has written, produced, designed, or technical directed hundreds of industrial shows/films/videos, including over 200 projects for IBM alone, as well as for clients such as Heublein, Shaklee, de Beers, MCI, and many others. Mr. Doswell's skills as a writer include skits, speeches, presentations, screenplays. As a designer, his experience and capabilities include multimedia presentations, videos and films, theatrical sets and lights, brochures and other printed media. Mr. Doswell's talents encompass live talent shows as well as automated media presentations. In addition he is an accomplished computer programmer and database systems designer.




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The Working Harbor Committee

The Harbor of New York & New Jersey (commonly called New York Harbor) has always been the region's greatest treasure, providing water links that have connected its residents with the world since the days of New Amsterdam. From the time Henry Hudson discovered the Hudson River in his ship Half Moon in 1609, early square-rigged trading and discovery vessels maintained the water link with Europe for centuries. Gradually, sailing designs evolved into super-fast "clipper" ships before being replaced by steam-driven vessels. Millions of immigrants migrated to the new world by water, and until passengers jets transformed the way we travel, transatlantic ships were the only way to travel back and forth between New York and the rest of the world. The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 created a revolution in the way freight reached Chicago by water, through the canal system and Great lakes, thus furthering the importance of New York Harbor.

Eventually steam was replaced by diesel but a visitor to the harbor in the early 1900s would have been able to see all three propulsion modes (sail, steam and diesel) in operation, as the harbor reached its peak in traffic. Ferries carried railroad passengers from terminals in New Jersey to Manhattan. Ships, both passenger and freight, lined the many piers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey. Car floats carried box cars across the water to rail connections at both ends. Excursion boats, barges, tugboats, lighters and all manner of other watercraft plied the waters in abundance.

Today, passenger ships, essentially driven out of business by jet aircraft, have been replaced by vacation cruise ships - the newest so large they would make the Titanic seem tiny by comparison. Freight now arrives in large containers to new terminals in New Jersey, Brooklyn and Staten Island where there's more upland area to handle the containers. With the exception of the Staten Island Ferry, passenger ferries disappeared in the '60s, only to be reinvented in the late '80s as the very tunnels and bridges that caused their demise became jammed with traffic. Tugs and barges remain busy, their methods virtually unchanged over time. And the new working waterfront now hosts marinas, mega yachts and kayak facilities as well as dinner, sightseeing and party boats.

New York Harbor is still the largest and busiest in the nation, outranked only by the combined ports of LA and Long Beach. From cars to cocoa beans to consumer items of all shapes and sizes, millions of residents of the Atlantic Coast rely heavily on water transport hosted by the great harbor of New York and New Jersey. The Working Harbor Committee exists to inform the public of the past and continuing importance of this magnificent harbor.


A tug towing a railroad "carfloat" alongside (or "on the hip").

Photo (c) 2004 Bernard Ente


                                     Thursday  April 24, 2008 

                                 10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

                 Channel 34 of the Time/Warner & Channel 83of the RCN 
                       Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

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