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                       Guest For  MONDAY MAY 23, 2005                                        

                                                       KEITH STEIER



                     Builder / Designer / Renovator

         President & Owner: Knockout Renovation

       Producer / Host  Cable Television Program

         "The Knockout Home Renovation Show"





Knockout Renovation is owned and operated by a former Navy man with many years of experience in the remodeling industry.

"Our staff are thoroughly screened then interviewed before hiring. We've spent over 12 years developing our project management system, with a commitment to continuous improvement, we get better everyday. We're fully licensed, bonded and insured."


Week of October 31 - November 6
BCAT Program Guide
A Guide to What’s on Brooklyn Community Access Television

Renovation Made Easy on BCAT
by Ken Liebeskind               

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Keith Steier, host of The Knockout Home Renovation Show, seen weekly on BCAT   

Hold on to that hammer! If you’re toying with the idea of renovating your house or apartment, tune to Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT) each week for a showthat can answer many of your home renovation questions.

Keith Steier, owner of Knockout Renovation, a ten-year-old businessin Bay Ridge, hosts The Knockout Home Renovation Show, offering informative insights on every area of
home renovation. "We make it easy for people who are too busy or don't have enough experience to create a beautiful home," Steir says of his business, a one stop shop that offers design assistance, sells renovation products and contracts renovation jobs. He’s worked on jobs throughout Brooklyn and discusses them, with an emphasis on home in
Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope and Bay Ridge.

Steier got his start on TV as a guest on Design Your Life on Manhattan Neighborhood Network and was soon keen on having his own show. His weekly show on BCAT, which
has been running for the past three years, includes interviews with guests from all spectrums of the renovation business: architects and designers who plan renovations; contractors who do the work; real estate professionals who discuss the value of renovated
homes; and clients who talk about their own renovation jobs. He hosts every episode, assisted by Michael Rashowsky, his cameraman and editor.

According to Steier, Brooklyn homes present special challenges. "Brooklyn co-ops and condos have specific requirements, limited access and working hours and insurance
requirements," he says. "It makes the renovations more involved." Designers on the show provide interesting case studies documenting trends in home renovation, like blending traditional and modern styles. As an illustration, Steier featured an “eclectic” job in Bay Ridge that included the installation of metal tile ceilings in the kitchen, wood cabinetry, granite countertops, a farmer sink, adjustable height lighting, a tumble stone walk in shower and a copper bowl sink.

Another popular Brooklyn trend Steier has covered is the creation of a larger apartment by combining two smaller ones, either side by side or above and below. He’s also provided design ideas on how to make spaces look larger and more open, with tips on color selections and different products that can achieve that end. And he has featured
environmentally safe products, such as bamboo flooring, natural countertops, recycled glass and windows that give off natural light. Other shows have focused on contractors,
with specific advice on how to find one you can work with. Steier said contractors aren't needed for small jobs, like painting or home repair, but should be used for jobs that require specialized knowledge, such as hanging cabinets, installing microwaves and installing tile floors, counter tops, plumbing and lighting.

Noting that billions of dollars are spent every year on home renovations, Steier's suggest not hiring the cheapest contractor because of the likelihood they will use inexperienced
labor and do shoddy work that will have to be redone later. Steier has interviewed real estate lawyers, who discuss the legal issues of renovation projects, such as coop boards and the kinds of renovation projects that are allowed to be done. The discussions focused on the many legal constraints of a renovation job, which can pose problems for home owners. He has also spoken with real estate agents about how renovations enhance the sale value of an apartment. Once you renovate, you can enjoy living in your new home or sell it for a tidy profit. The agents provided details on how much more the apartment
will be worth. From design and planning to actual contracting, the Knockout Home Renovation Show can save you money and make your finished product a better home.

Knockout Home Renovation Show can be seen on BCAT every Thursday at 10:30am and
6:30pm on Time Warner Cable channel 35 and Cablevision channel 68 and online at

Keith Steier, host of The
Knockout Home Renovation
Show, seen weekly on BCAT


Monday  May 23,  2005

 /  10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

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Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York. 

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