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 Dear Members of the List & Others: We are VERY happy to announce:


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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                               GUEST:  


                             NITA  RENFREW



Grail Reiki Master/Teacher Spiritual Counselor
     Traditional.Usui/Tibetan.Japanese Komyo

                           REIKI Master

 Staff, St. Vincent's Hospital.Certified Holistic
 Health Practitioner / Ear Acupuncture.Chinese





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 (information will be included on this site after Nov 8 which will feature Nita Renfrew on

   the Mystical Holy Grail Pilgrimage to Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Rosslyn Chapel)




NITA M. RENFREW  Fell.H.H.G. OM ADS/NADA AADP RMT Energy Healing: GRAIL REIKI Healer Teacher. Spiritual Counselor Traditional.Usui/Tibetan.Japanese Komyo REIKI Master Tibetan Singing Bowl. Tuning Forks.Heart Intelligence Technique Ear Acupuncture.Chinese Herbs.Kinesiology.Crystals

Staff, St. Vincent's Hospital.Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

USUI REIKI training, all levels: KOMYO (Japanese lineage); TRADITIONAL;  as well as GRAIL REIKI instruction and practitioner attunements, available to all REIKI practitioners.


                                          HEAL   LOVE   TEACH
                                  Fellowship of Healers of the Holy Grail
                       and NITA RENFREW, Grail Reiki Master/Teacher

             Invite you to a GRAIL PILGRIMAGE ending at, YES, the 



                    WEDNESDAY, November 2, 2-4 pm (All Souls Day)

                                           METROPOLITAN MUSEUM
Fifth Avenue and 81st St., 2 o'clock, sharp, at the Information Booth, Main Entrance Hall
(Note: Entrance to the museum is by DONATION, so anything, starting at a PENNY,
will get you an entry button.)

     Call 212 879-3961 or email nitarenfrew@yahoo.com (before noon Tues.) to RSVP

We will visit the GRAIL RELICS, including a Cup believed by many to be the Cup of the Last Supper, a piece of the True Cross and of the Sponge used to wipe Jesus' forehead on the Cross, Mary Magdalene's tooth and a piece of bone and tunic, a reliquary for the Virgin Mary's tunic and one for a Thorn from Jesus Christ's Crown of Thorns, an arm bone of St. John the Baptist, and one of St. George, HEALING OBJECTS and INSCRIPTIONS, including for Egyptian healing water rites, the Japanese Samurai section to honor Dr. Mikao Usui, patron of Reiki, a chapel dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament, and last, the TABLECLOTH OF THE LAST SUPPER, which held the Christ Grail Chalice prior to the Crucifixion nearly 2,000 years ago, on view until January.

(A RELIC is an object venerated because of it's association with a saint or martyr. For those of you who are skeptical, think that even if the relic was not actually associated with the saint in his/her lifetime, the fact that it has been venerated as such for hundreds or thousands of years would give it extraordinary energies, just as mantras acquire from repetition.)

The GRAIL REIKI COMMUNION service is celebrated with Reiki-energized bread and water. It is held in private or in a group led by a member of The FELLOWSHIP OF HEALERS OF THE HOLY GRAIL: any Grail Reiki practitioner. Bring photographs and written wishes to hold during the energizing.

Bring a bottle of water and bread to energize. (A healer I know charges $60 a bottle for energized water, and he has a thriving business due to the healing results!)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Special Exhibitions: Prague, The ...
Prague, The Crown of Bohemia, 1347–1437 September 20, 2005–January 3, 2006 Special Exhibition Galleries,  The Tisch Galleries, 2nd floor ...

St. Vitus Cathedral
From the laying of the foundation stone for St. Vitus Cathedral in 1344, three years before Charles became king, he took great interest in the project and significantly expanded the original plan. One of the great cathedrals of Europe, St. Vitus was built to serve many functions: it was the spiritual center of Prague and the kingdom of Bohemia, the coronation church and the final resting place of kings and queens, and the repository of the crown jewels of Bohemia. Because of strictly limited access to the cathedral's treasury since World War II, the works on loan to the exhibition are virtually unknown.
Of particular interest are the Ara Coeli Virgin, an icon that Charles brought to Prague after he visited Pope Urban V in Rome, a gem-encrusted rock crystal ewer reliquary for a fragment of the tablecloth from the Last Supper, and a gilded silver tabernacle—a superbly detailed miniature Gothic cathedral—that is associated with the Parler family, the cathedral's architects (Treasury of St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague). Renowned across Central Europe, the same family of master builders also oversaw the construction of Cologne Cathedral, from which two sculptures attributable to the Parlers will be shown.



Monday October 24, 2005

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