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Suzan Mazur

Reflecting on decades of reporting for print, television and radio, Suzan Mazur says she is least known for the story she broke in the anonymously written Economist magazine (bylined "Riyadh") on the world's first successful fetal-to-fetal transplant surgery.  And more recently, best known for Carlyle Internet classics: "How Bush Got Bounced From Carlyle Board" in Progressive Review and "Arthur Levitt, Jr.: Why I Joined Carlyle and Other Revelations", in From The Wilderness, then Scoop, and then financial and legal websites worldwide.

She began her writing career at Hearst magazines where she was asked to assume the pen name "Sam Mazur" for an outdoors column.  After the gun lobby killed her environment page she fled to the fashion runways of New York, modeling for Geoffrey Beene and others, and in 1976, on Iranian National Television as part of an official "bicentennial goodwill fashion tour" of the Middle East (former CIA Director Richard Helms was then US Ambassador to Iran). She says The Royal Tehran Hilton and Kuwait Equestrian Club, where the fashion galas were held, later became headquarters for the Iranian Revolution and JIB base during the Gulf War. In 1984, heading a solar energy film project, Mazur and her team were invited by the Swedes and Saudis -- the Saudi Arabian National Center for Science and Technology -- to continue their research; she was a guest on Saudi-TV's "In Focus" program discussing the project.

Mazur says her approach to covering wars (Gulf War, Colombia, Sudan, Kashmir) has been a mix of Jonathan Randal's "stay paranoid and you'll  stay alive" with a dash of the optimism of Martha Gellhorn (Mrs. Hemingway), who arrived at the Andorran border during the Spanish Civil War "with a knapsack, a chiffon scarf and $50 and crossed into Spain". Mazur's stories have appeared in the Financial Times, Economist, Forbes, Newsday, Philadelphia Inquirer (partial list), and on PBS, CBC and MBC.  She has been a guest on McLaughlin, Charlie Rose, and Fox television shows.

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Monday November 18, 2004  /  10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

Channel 34 of the Time/Warner &Channel 107 of the RCN 
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