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                     JOHN MILLIGAN-WHYTE




                        Milligan-Whyte & Smith     





JOHN MILLIGAN-WHYTE is the Chairman of CORE Capital Ltd, an venture capital firm which joint ventures with entrepreneurs and later stage companies and of China Management Ltd which advises Chinese and non-Chinese companies, Co-Chair of the China Bermuda Society and a Senior Partner in the Bermuda law firm, Milligan-Whyte & Smith.


John is a director of mutual fund, hedge fund, currency trading, investment and reinsurance companies and was a founder or early shareholder in First Bermuda Securities, Matheson Investment Management Ltd, which was a joint venture with Matheson Bank, and four other securities firms, and Telebermuda Ltd which went public. CORE Capital Ltd is the founder of a Patent Defense Cost company and is a joint venture partner in other insurance and reinsurance projects.


Milligan-Whyte & Smith was co-recipient of the International Financial Law Review's 2002 Asian M&A Deal Of The Year Award for its work in the China Netcom-Asia Global Crossing asset acquisition. That deal was selected as the most interesting of 400 Asian M&A deals, as it was the first major international transaction by China's State Owned Chinese Telephone Company and involved an asset purchase in a Chapter 11 and Provisional Liquidation proceedings. John is co-author with Professor M. Liu, Director, Venture Capital Research Center, Remnin University in Beijing of the book: Never Past The Apex Of The Curve Of Gratitude: A Success Formula For China to be published in 2005.


CORE Capital has participated in numerous engagements since 1993 including advising clients in the acquisition of insurance and reinsurance companies and joint venturing in the development of business plans and management teams for start up companies. Most recently, pursuant to a long-term success fee, CORE Capital persuaded a major Chinese bank to use Forexster's revolutionary foreign currency trading system, which has been called "the future of foreign exchange trading" by Euromoney Magazine. CORE Capital's venture capital portfolio has included GBEX Ltd, a Chinese construction management company and ChinaWinWin Ltd, which advised major European and American companies in China.


John co-edited and co-authored a leading American, English and Bermudian textbook The Law & Practice Of International Reinsurance Collections and Insolvency published by the American Bar Association and Co-Chaired the American Bar Association's National Institute on International Reinsurance Collections and Insolvency and was elected Vice-Chairman of The American Bar Association's Tort and Insurance Section and a member of International Association of Defense Counsel. He published influential articles on American, Bermudian and English reinsurance, arbitration, litigation and insolvency law and helped pioneer the use of actuarial estimation to quantify claims in order to expedite reinsurance company liquidations adopted in many jurisdictions. He was appointed a member of the United States' National Association Of Insurance Commissioners' Rehabilitators' and Liquidators' Task Force Advisory Committee and Subcommittee revising the Insurers Supervision, Rehabilitation and Liquidation Model Act and Chairman of the Committee Advising Bermuda's Minister of Finance on Insurance, Reinsurance and Insolvency Law Reform, a Member of the Bermuda Law Reform Committee and the Bermuda Law Reform Sub-committee on Bankruptcy and of the Bermuda Bar Association's Sub-committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct.


John received B.A (Honors), LL.B and LL.M degrees from the University of Toronto, Queen's University Law School and Osgoode Hall Law School and continuing education at Harvard Law School and executive education at Harvard Business School. He was called to the Ontario and Bermuda Bars in 1984 and 1985 and worked with Fraser & Beatty in Canada focusing on international tax and was seconded to the English solicitors Herbert Smith before focusing on reinsurance before co-founding Milligan-Whyte & Smith in 1984



Milligan-Whyte & Smith


 FIRM:  Milligan-Whyte & Smith is a Bermuda law firm providing legal services to international and local clients. The firm offers a competent, creative and unconflicted alternative to the two large Bermuda law firms.


BERMUDA:  Bermuda is a British colony situated in the Atlantic 560 miles off the US East Coast and 750 miles southeast of New York.  The principal industries are international business and tourism.  Over 12,000 international companies, including subsidiaries of 750 of the Fortune 1000 Companies,  are based in Bermuda, their operations covering a wide spectrum of activities, including insurance, reinsurance, investments, mutual funds, brokerage, shipping, sales, aircraft leasing, trading and holding companies.  International business is attracted to Bermuda because of its stable economic and political environment, excellent communications, ideal location, secure banking, legal and professional infrastructure and tax neutrality.

       Bermuda is ideally situated between North and South America, Europe and Asia which has helped to make Bermuda one of the world's leading offshore financial centers.


CLIENTS:  Our clients have included two of three Bermuda banks; countless major U.S., Canadian and European public corporations; parent-owned and association-owned insurance and reinsurance companies; insurance and reinsurance subsidiaries of major U.S. and European insurance companies; U.S. insurance regulators; private trusts; insurance companies in liquidation; investment fund; international trading companies; investors;  European, Canadian and US and Asian trading and holding companies and high net worth individuals.   


       PHILOSOPHY: We provide creative and competent legal advice on the leading edge of areas in which we specialize in an efficient and expeditious manner at a reasonable cost.    We value above all our integrity and fiduciary duties to our clients.

       EXPERTISE:  The firm specializes in the following areas:

       Corporate Finance                Banking and International Finance

       Insurance and Reinsurance  Mutual Funds & Investment Companies

       Foreign Investment Law      Foreign Sales Corporations

       Trusts & Estate Planning     Shipping & Aviation Law

       Telecommunication           Information Technology & Intellectual Property

       Commercial & Insurance    Insolvency

       Litigation & Arbitration       Property Law

       Public International Law      Corporate Services


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