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Monday June 2,  Click date for more information about guest(s)


                                      (Originally aired: 09-26-05)

                                 ROBERT DANNIN Ph.D


                          Anthropologist / Writer

                              Public Intellectual



                      "Black Pilgrimage to Islam"


The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

 Robert Dannin , Ph.D - Air date: 09-21-05



Robert Dannin
Independent Researcher and Author

Dannin holds a doctorate in ethno-linguistics and anthropology from the School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in Paris. He was the director of Magnum Photos Inc. from 1985-90 and taught urban anthropology at New York University from 1993-2003.

Dannin is the author of the landmark book Black Pilgrimage to Islam, the culmination of fifteen years of study of the African-American relationship with Islam.  In this book, Dannin traces the evolution of the practice of Islam by blacks in the U.S. from slavery through the more orthodox, globalized Islam.

His latest scholarship focuses on the consequences of the September 11 attacks for American Muslims.


Robert Dannin has edited the work of photojournalists for twenty-five years. As the editorial director of Magnum from 1985 to 1990, he produced Sebastiao Salgado Jr.'s "An Archaeology of the Industrial Age," eventually published as Workers (Aperture). He was also the text editor for James Nachtwey's Inferno (Phaidon). Dannin now teaches urban anthropology at New York University and recently published Black Pilgrimage to Islam (Oxford University Press).

Robert Dannin; photographs Jolie Stahl. 2002, Oxford University, 0-19-514734-0, $35 hb. Fifteen years of research have gone into the most comprehensive, candid and well-written social history of African-American Islam to date. The author's experience as a journalist and, more recently, teacher of urban anthropology at New York University shows as he brings facts and personalities to life. From the working-class and depressed urban neighborhoods to college campuses, community organizations and prisons, Dannin investigates the surprising range of expressions that Islam has taken, all the while inquiring how Islam has aided people seeking to overcome a legacy of slavery and racial oppression. His travels, conversations and readings show that the Nation of Islam, which commands a disproportionate share of national media attention, is but a thread in a much larger design, which is itself a rich element in the social tapestry of the United States. (SO03)


Robert Dannin holds a doctorate (1981) in socio-cultural anthropology and ethnolinguisitics from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. His book, Black Pilgrimage to Islam (2002), has been critically received as the first comprehensive ethnography about Islam in America. Dr. Dannin was formerly the director of Magnum Photos Inc. (1985-90) where he produced Sebastiao Salgado's acclaimed, "Workers, The Archaeology of Industrialism" and "Inferno" by James Nachtwey. He recently edited Arms Against Fury, Magnum Photographers in Afganistan (2002). Here is the abstract of his keynote lecture.


Robert Dannin Author "Black Pilgrimage to Islam with Photographs by Jolie Stahl - From the Inside Cover of this Oxford University title: "Can Islam help African Americans overcome the legacy of slavery and decades of racial oppression? How does the strict Islamic lifestyle accommodate mainstream American values? Will fiercely independent African-American women yield to Islamic law? Why would African-Americans fashion themselves into a "double minority" by converting to Islam?"

Includes a 12-page photographic journey.


In Black Pilgrimage to Islam, Robert Dannin gives us a rare and fascinating insight into the minds and sensibilities of Black Americans who have embraced Islam. His research is impeccable, his judgments are acute, and his prose is uncommonly graceful. This book is an important contribution to American social history.” —Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States.

The Nation of Islam has long monopolized the media coverage of the rising influence of Islam among African Americans. Black Pilgrimage to Islam is the history of the far larger, yet largely misunderstood, story of conversion to ORTHODOX Islam in the African American Community.

Drawing extensively upon personal observations, rare documents, and the words of devout worshipers—including the founder of the oldest continuously running Muslim institution in the U.S.—Robert Dannin and photographer Jolie Stahl bring fifteen years of research to this deftly written, artfully illustrated history of an ever-growing religious movement. Examining the roots of spiritual transformation in the lodge halls and storefront mosques of America's urban ghettos, Black Pilgrimage to Islam offers a fascinating account of the rise of Islamic conversion. Its stories range from Cleveland's ghettos to a rural settlement near Buffalo by way of Brooklyn's mean streets and the stark corridors of New York's maximum-security prisons. Yet, Dannin does not flinch from the hard questions:

Can Islam help African Americans overcome the legacy of slavery and decades of racial oppression? Will it redeem hardened gangsters from lives saturated by narcotics and violent crime? Is it possible to face toward Mecca in prayer while simultaneously resisting the influence of foreign missionaries who disdain the American way of life? Will fiercely independent African-American women play by the rules and accept polygamous marriage?

The religious landscape of America is under its most intense scrutiny in recent memory. Unfortunately a significant part of that landscape has not been thoroughly surveyed. Until now."


                                          Monday June 23, 2008

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