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                                          (Originally aired: 5-18-98)

                        DR. RALPH ENGLEMAN 


      Professor of Journalism - long Island University



Coordinator of LIUís Annual George Polk Awards



            Public Radio and Television in America:

                               A Political History




Ralph Engelman - ralph.engelman@liu.edu
Professor of Journalism
(B.A., Earlham College; M.A., Ph.D., Washington University (St. Louis))

Dr. Engelman teaches courses in media and society, communications law and history of the press. He has published articles and reviews in The Yale Review, Journalism Quarterly, Journalism History, Journalism Monographs, American Journalism, The Dictionary of Literary Biography, Television Quarterly and the Approaches to Learning series of the Modern Language Association. His book, Public Radio and Television in America: A Political History, was published by Sage in 1996. Columbia University Press will publish his biography of broadcast journalism pioneer Fred Friendly. In his two decades at LIU, he has received the highest awards given by the Brooklyn Campus for both teaching and scholarship: the David Newton Award for Excellence in Teaching (1989) and the Trustees Award for Scholarly Achievement (1999). Engelman is the coordinator of LIUís annual George Polk Awards Seminar. Since 2001, he has appeared as a moderator on Reporter Roundtable, a public-affairs program aired by Time-Warner, Cablevision and RCN in New York City. He serves as a journalism consultant for the Interactive Encyclopedia of Television, a project of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation, and is a former board member of the Pacifica Foundation.


Editorial Reviews about: Public Radio and Television in America - A Political History
Reason, Jesse Walker
Engelman served on the national board of Pacifica, America's oldest noncommercial radio network, from 1973 to 1979. Perhaps because of that background, he is more attuned than most writers to public broadcasters who do not fit the standard NPR/PBS mode, such as independently licensed community radio stations or public-access channels on cable TV.

For Engelman, "public" refers not just to state subsidies but to citizen participation--not just to city hall but to town square. "A fundamental distinction," he writes, "emerges between federal and community forms of public radio and television, with the former rooted in the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, the latter in more decentralized and participatory processes." His book aspires to be the story of both brands of broadcasting--not a path-breaking history rich with primary research but a synthesis of the many books and articles that preceded his.

His book is also, one gathers, an attempt to defend these stations against the alleged Threat From The Right, i.e., Republican politicians' now-dormant efforts to defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Book Description
"Ralph Engelman's history of the growth of public radio and television in America is timely, compelling, and instructive. Very useful for citizens who take seriously the need for public use of the public airwaves, which we need to remember, the people own but do not control." --Ralph Nader, Director, The Center for the Study of Responsive Law "There is no cynicism or stridency in Ralph Engelman's definitive history of public broadcasting's failure to fulfill its promise, only documentation of the immense problems endemic to government and corporate sponsored mass media. For models of hope, this volume acknowledges the civic discourse that has thrived in the margins of public broadcasting--in the independent community and in the homespun programming of the public access movement." --Dee Dee Halleck, Cofounder, Paper Tiger Television & Deep Dish TV "Public Radio and Television in America by Ralph Engelman effectively navigates the complex, controversial, and often maddening history of public broadcasting as a political and cultural force. Always more important than its audience size in America, public broadcasting's promise and problems, as well as its heroes and villains, are treated effectively and well in this solid and critical analysis. The book is compact, yet sufficiently substantive and blessedly well written and well documented." --Everette E. Dennis, Executive Director, Freedom Forum Media Studies Center, editor, Media Studies Journal "Ralph Engelman's Public Radio and Television in America is a chilling description of how noncommercial broadcasting is the tragic victim of conservative corporate politics that have spent most of this century trying to cripple and kill it." --Ben H. Bagdikian, former Dean, Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California,

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