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                                       (Originally aired: 10-01-01)

                       RODNEY SHAKESPEARE



                                    Scholar / Tutor

            Christian Council for Monetary Justice - UK

                               London Global Table

                          Global Justice Movement
                                        Co-Author:        The image http://www.globaljusticemovement.net/images/RS+tulips%20.jpg cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


               "Binary Economics - The New Paradigm"



                               "Steven Steps to Justice"


The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:  

Rodney Shakespeare (#3) - 10-01-01 -  RODNEY SHAKESPEARE




Rodney Shakespeare. Rodney is a tutor and binary economist (Binary Economics - the new paradigm, Robert Ashford & Rodney Shakespeare). He lives in London (UK) and, with Canon Peter Challen, is near to completing a new book entitled Seven Steps to Justice, making a global response to the events of 11th September, 2001 and, in particular, the causes of those events. The book also aims to unite all individuals and groups who understand monetary reform. Email: rodney.shakespeare1@btopenworld.com

Rodney Shakespeare is a UK tutor, binary economist and Visiting Professor at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia.  A Cambridge MA and Barrister of the Middle Temple, he is co-author of three books  the new paradigm; and Seven Steps to-including Binary Economics  Justice; and he wrote the Foreword for The Islamic World-System. Rodney Shakespeare has presented major papers at Islamic conferences regarding the connection between the money supply and the real economy. Notable among them were the conferences held at The International Islamic University, Kuala Lumpur (August, 2002); The Trisakti University, Jakarta (January, 2004); and The International Islamic University, Chittagong (December, 2004).  Rodney Shakespeare is not a Muslim.  However, he believes that because Islam is opposed to riba (interest), it can, and must, find a new, distinctive way forward to give an intellectual, material and moral lead to the rest of the world. Rodney Shakespeare represents the Christian Council for Monetary Justice and the London Global Table.



Book Description - Binary Economics - The New paradigm
Binary Economics presents a new paradigm which founds a practical new economics and a unifying new politics that enable people to understand and realize their essential rights and responsibilities in a market economy. This paradigm recognizes that capital has a potent productive and distributive relationship to growth, and by democratically extending the efficient means to acquire capital to all people using the earnings of capital on market principles, binary economics offers many important benefits beyond those provided by conventional economics. The authors present this concept as new hope for solving seemingly intractable problems of economic efficiency, distribution, and justice not solved by conventional economic theories and practices, while enabling people to understand and realize their essential rights and responsibilities in a market economy. The binary paradigm allows cooperation with governments to make modest reforms to existing capital markets so that all people can acquire capital using the earnings of capital and offering the market foundation for many important benefits, including substantial, sustainable growth; more equal opportunity and social justice; increased earning power for the poor, working and middle class people; a greener environment; individual autonomy; strong families and communities; strengthened democracy; and voluntary control of population levels.

About the Author
Robert Ashford is Professor of Law at Syracuse University. Rodney Shakespeare is a Barrister in London.


Press Release

Binary Economics:
The New Paradigm
by Robert Ashford and Rodney Shakespeare

(University Press of America, Lanham, Maryland, 1999, 464 pp., hardback and paper)

"This book deserves the Nobel Prize for Economics!", applauds CESJ's Norman Kurland. Binary Economics: The New Paradigm is the most scholarly and clear presentation to date of Louis Kelso's revolutionary paradigm of binary economics and expanded ownership.

The new binary economic paradigm described by Robert Ashford and Ashford Shakespeare fills a void in the thinking of today's academia. It provides solutions to seemingly intractable problems of economic efficiency, distribution and justice left unsolved by conventional economic theories and practices.

With the new binary paradigm, people will be better able to:
  • understand and realize their essential economic rights and responsibilities in a market economy and

  • cooperate with their governments to make modest reforms to capital markets to enable all people to acquire capital using the earnings of capital.

The binary approach provides the market foundation for many important benefits, including substantial, sustainable growth, more equal opportunity and social justice, increasing earning power for poor and working people, a greener environment, and the economic foundation for robust individual autonomy, strong families, vital communities, and strengthened democracy.

With the new binary paradigm, the broader-ownership movement will have the efficient and moral foundation to realize its full potential.

Binary Economics is written for both specialists and non-specialists in economic matters. It is intended for anyone who believes that economic principles, theories, and practices have a major impact on life. It is essential reading for all people who want to exercise their full rights and responsibilities as citizens. It offers indispensable insights for business, labor, banking, community and religious leaders, as well as for lawyers, financial advisors and fiduciaries. It gives new options to advocates for the disadvantaged, and to public servants responsible for economic policy.

This book explains the essential economic, free-market and democratic principles that conventional economics fails to reveal.

Robert Ashford is a Professor of Law at Syracuse University
Rodney Shakespeare is a Tutor in London

Review of Binary Economics: The New Paradigm


Seven Steps to Justice
Peter Selby (Foreword), Rodney Shakespeare, Peter Challen

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Paperback - (December 1, 2002) 188 pages


The world urgently needs a new structure of justice embodied new economics and politics

capable of giving a common purpose to Western, Islamic and other societies. In the book,

people of good faith and of faith traditions come together and identify the fundamental

flaw of the present system - 97 percent of the new money supply has interest attached

and is not used to provide - a basic income for all - capital ownership for all, on the

principles of binary economics. The Seven Steps ensure that income and ownership which

allow many important applications including a proper deal for women and a solution to the

problems of the Middle East and Kashmir.    





                                          Monday June 16, 2008

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