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                 Guest For  MONDAY APRIL 18, 2005                                        

                                          EDITTA SHERMAN  

                " The Countess of Carnegie Hall"

                                                                        Photo by Susan Gray/OvoWorks, Inc.

          Photographer of Hollywood Celebrities       

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          “The Duchess of Carnegie Hall” Reveals Longevity Secrets




“The Duchess of Carnegie Hall” Reveals Longevity Secrets

How 92-year-old maintains vibrant health and high energy.


Editta Sherman is a world-famous celebrity photographer who has produced portraits of some of the most glittering personalities of the 20th century in her Carnegie Hall studio in New York: Marlon Brando, Noel Coward, Henry Fonda, Elvis Presley, Anthony Quinn, and Leopold Stokowski, to name a few.

Photo by Susan Gray/OvoWorks, Inc.
Most of them have passed on, but “the Duchess of Carnegie Hall,” as Editta is known, is still radiantly healthy at 92, because she has also made it her life’s work to look as beautiful on the inside as she made her famous subjects look on the outside. Editta is a living testament to the true riches of good health.

Today, she keeps healthy with a daily exercise routine and diet that would put people half her age to shame—plus a nutritional supplement that helps her maintain the high energy levels she has had since she was a young mother of five children.

“When I got into the business, I was always in the limelight with my photography, making appearances on television, radio, and film,” Editta says. “I was always conscious of my health, and I was always classified as a great beauty.”

A Health Pact With Herself
Her health-conscious lifestyle started with her first pregnancy at age 22. Her doctor told her to take calcium so she wouldn’t lose her teeth. “After the baby was born, I decided I wasn’t going to get old. I started reading about health, and that’s how it all started,” Editta says. She started skipping rope every day and began what was to become a lifelong practice of eating nutritious, whole foods and taking vitamin supplements.

Photography was only an award-winning hobby until her husband became ill with diabetes and couldn’t work. With his help, Editta opened a studio in New York City. Her first client was Raymond Massey, and she soon established herself as a celebrity photographer. By the time her husband died, Editta had a thriving business and continued to raise her five children alone.

Show business legends flocked to her mirrored studio atop Carnegie Hall. They sat under a skylight that soars 40 feet above the black and white checkered floor, charmed by Editta into revealing their innermost personalities for memorable portraits. “It was a pleasure to work with such an artist of the camera as you are,” the mercurial conductor Stokowski wrote.





Monday  April 18, 2005

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