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Panel: Louis Kelso, Hon. William Simon, Hon. Russell Long / Jan. 1974.

Synergetic Educational Manifesto 1970

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"Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer"

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                    Maison Lumiere          

           MULTI  MEDIA  ARTIST   

Exhibition at Rosenthal Gallery - 26th & Madison Until Oct. 8

                                                                                           (212) 825-0482 



More about: Colette - Multi Media Artist 


    . . . Awake and asleep. Standing centerstage. Alone and with great determination, throughout the years Colette has taken risks threading on many borderlines. Alan Jones speaks of "an art that is both radically confrontational and deeply personal at the same time." An art that is also keenly aware of its mechanics and politics. Colette has not been shy to publicity, she knows "the marketplace realities of contemporary culture" (Crary), but refusing Wharholian cynicism, she calls for "Reverse Pop," which is the exact opposite of Warhol's elitism, as a courtier of the rich and famous. This exhibition at the Remipre Gallery is a wonderful mini-retrospective of Colettes career and evinces the influence she had on artists who surfaced in the 80's, Keith Haring, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons included.

    Gianfranco Mantegna for Artscribe, 1992



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