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Dear Members of the List & Others: We are VERY happy to announce:


                          Like a Beautiful Soaring PHOENIX - The




          Utilizing the much improved Windows Media Player format:






                                          LESTER VECSEY






                               Software Developer 


                Independent Cable Television Producer




                           Web Site Designer 


              Creator of Web Based Chess Site

                                "Pay Chess"





                      Cable Television Show

                               "Chess Now" 


                        Link to the Chess Now show:








Lester Vecsey has over a decade of technology experience, having started his own successful Internet access service in New Jersey, while still a
High School student. Additional work in Manhattan since 2000 has
included working as a Unix Administrator and programmer for a number of
startups. A chess enthusiast, Lester also enjoys playing the piano,
soccer, and riding his rough-terrain unicycle.


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Calling into the Live Show

  1. During live shows, there is a 212 New York number you can use to call in to speak to the host.
  2. You can also call into the show through the Internet as well, using any Voice over IP software that allows you to call the 212 New York number. Please use a quality headset so the show audio goes straight to your ears, and isn't picked up again through your mic. Test your audio levels before calling so that we will be more likely to patch you through to the show!
  3. A third way to call in is to use the free software program iaxComm:

    Setting up

    1. Install iaxComm to your Windows, Unix, or MacOSX system.
    2. Click the Options menu, then select Accounts.
    3. Click the Add button and fill in the details as shown in the picture.
    4. For the password, use ``guest'' without the quotes.
    5. Click the Save button.

    Call the show!

    1. Enter digits 8150 into the Extension field.
    2. To the right, select ``Chess Now!'' from the Account pull down menu.
    3. Click the Dial button and listen to the instructions.

    Alternate dialing method

    1. Look for the input field above the Dial button
    2. Type in chessnow:guest@iax.fractal-interval.com/8150
    3. Click the Dial button and listen to the instructions.

→ Download a locally built September 16th, 2006 version of Iaxcomm for windows by clicking here

To email the show, use chessnow@fractal-interval.com

  ------------------------------------------------------------------------                                           Thursday November 23, 2006 

                                 10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

                 Channel 34 of the Time/Warner & Channel 83of the RCN 
                       Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

The Program can now be viewed on the internet at time of cable casting at


                  NOTE: You must adjust viewing to reflect NYC time

                                          & click on channel 34 at site