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                             JANIS  AMATUZIO, MD 




                                Forensic Pathologist 






Beyond Knowing
 True Stories of Death And Life from a Forensic Pathologist

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            "Beyond Knowing - Mysteries and Messages of 

                 Death and Life from  A Forensic Pathologist"






Janis Amatuzio, MD, author of FOREVER OURS and known as the “compassionate coroner” is the founder and president of Midwest Forensic Pathology, P.A.  She serves as Coroner and provides forensic pathology services for several counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Trained at the University of Minnesota, the Hennepin County Medical Center and the Medical Examiner’s Office in Minneapolis, she has been in the field of forensic medicine for nearly twenty-five years.  

Board Certified in anatomic, forensic and clinical pathology, Dr. Amatuzio is an internationally recognized authority in forensic medicine.  She is the author of numerous journal articles, served as President of the Minnesota Coroners and Medical Examiners Association and has developed many courses on such topics as death investigation, forensic nursing, and forensic medicine in mortuary science.  She speaks widely on these subjects and is becoming nationally  recognized for her signature lecture, Beyond the Threshold of Death: A Forensic Pathologist’s Perspective on Living.

She is a frequent guest in the media and a columnist for Imagine Magazine with her first column appearing in the 2004, winter publication. She was featured as the forensic pathologist expert in a documentary series about  historical women serial killers,  produced by the Discovery Channel, internationally in 2005, and a featured guest in an NBC documentary in September 2004. She and her husband live near Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Janis Amatuzio, MD


“As a physician, forensic pathologist and coroner for several Minnesota counties, I have had the extraordinary privilege of caring for families and their loved ones when death comes suddenly, unexpectedly, or traumatically. My job is to speak for the dead, to solve the mystery of “what happened?” I have occasionally, however, been faced with mysteries I cannot solve or explain. These experiences always baffle me, partly because as a scientist, I seek to reach a reasonable degree of medical certainty, a rational explanation. But I have come to realize that for some experiences there is no explanation, just a deep knowing that I have encountered the Divine.”

~ Janis Amatuzio, MD


BEYOND KNOWING: Mysteries and Messages of Death and Life from a Forensic Pathologist
Author: Janis Amatuzio, MD
Product Code: 
Package: 1 Hardcover 
8 X 5
In stock.
Price: $21.95
Working as a medical examiner, Dr. Janis Amatuzio has found that by listening and talking to loved ones of the deceased, she can offer them a sense of closure. In doing so, she has heard — and here retells — extraordinary stories of spiritual and otherworldly events surrounding the transition between life and death.

As in her first book, Forever Ours, Dr. Amatuzio presents the amazing, heartfelt accounts told to her by grieving family members, patients, doctors, nurses, clergy, ....
and police officers. Along with these stories, she shares her own — reflecting on the course of her career, the bonds she has formed over the years, the lessons she has learned, and her conclusion that “Everything truly is all right.”

This powerful book honors the mystery of life and death, exploring the realms of visions, synchronicities, and communications on death's threshold. Told in the voice of a compassionate scientist who sees death every day, these stories eloquently convey the patterns of truth Dr. Amatuzio has found in what she sees and hears. Beyond Knowing explores the wisdom the living might find in these accounts and shows how that wisdom changes lives.

“Here's a puzzle for you: How did a respected pathologist, who deals with autopsies, dead bodies, and mortal remains, come to believe we're all immortal, right now? To her courage in standing up for this vision — this truth — of who we are, I bow deeply.”
— Larry Dossey, MD author of he Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

“In this latest work, Dr. Amatuzio opens the mysterious interface between life and death. Carefully dissecting stories told to her by families and friends of the newly dead, this consummate investigator uncovers rich insights that heal the heart and illuminate the spirit. With kindness and candor, the compassionate coroner translates these extraordinary death narratives into lessons for the living.”
— Kathleen Mcmonigal, MD pathologist, Aerospace Medicine, Houston

“If you want to open your mind, read this book and truly begin the journey of life, which does not end with death.”
— Dr. Bernie S. Siegel author of 365 Prescriptions for the Soul

BEYOND KNOWING Mysteries and Messages of Death and Life from a Forensic Pathologist

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