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                               REVEREND HENRY V. HARRISON




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    Pastor: The Baptist House of Prayer - Harlem NY








                Rev. Henry V. Harrison D.D.


.      Born March 22,1945 to Moses and Viola Harrison in New York City.

.      Recorded first  solo recording, He Will Carry You Through, at age 3.

.      At age 5, He began formal vocal training and piano Lessons under Madam Frieda Louise Andrews.

.      Accepted the Lord Jesus.. Christ as personal Savior and baptized at.. 7.

.     July 11, 1954. FIrSt Concert, with three piano solos. It was sponsored by a local New York City chapter of the

Eastern Stars.

.     October 29, 1954. Placed 6th place in the New York Defender's "Most Popular Choir Director" contest at age 9.

He was the youngest contestant among the most well-known and well-respected choir directors from the five boroughs. His rivals were all least three times his age. The competition took place at the world-renowned CarnegieHall in New York City. Henry sang that night: I Bowed On My Knees and I Cried Holy and I Need Jesus To Carry Me Through.

.     Called to preach at age 10. Preached his first sermon at a Harlem storefront Pentecostal Church, November 8,



.       February 12, 1956. Licensed as Minister of the Gospel by Rev. James R. Bryant, pastor of LaGree Baptist

Church in Harlem, New York..

.       May 23,1956. Returned to Carnegie Hall, New York and performed, The Holy City.

.        December 7, 1957. Preached first out of state revival at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Englewood, NJ.

.        During his youth and teenage years, Evangelist Henry Harrison began to preach in local church as well as ministering the Word of God in the Deep South. He recorded four records. Celebrated ten annual singing ministry anniversaries. Henry, then began classical vocal training under Charles Reading, an opera vocal trainer. He performed various pieces in Italian, French and Latin. Harrison also forms a singing group called the Gospel Echoes. The group records an album. During high school, he sang in the AD-City High School Chorus and Orchestra directed by the renowned Dr. Peter J. Wilhousky.

.         1964-1966. Attended Shelton CoIIege, NJ and Philadelphia College of Bible in Pennsylvania studying Bible and Pastoral Studies.

.         1968-1969. Moved to Lancaster, PA. Featured in evangelical musical drama play, Moments of Praise, by Dan

Niedermyer and Maranatha Productions in Lancaster, PA and at The Town Ball in New York City.

.          1970-1980. Recorded first album, Amen, Henry. Project was directed, written, and arranged by Dan

Wolgemuth where he and Harrison founded Manna Ministries. Studied voice with vocal coach Thomas Houser of New Holland, PA for seven years. For the next fourteen (14) years, Rev. Harrison performed and preached throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico with Manna Ministries.

.          Recorded second album, So Be It, with Manna Music, in Hollywood, CA. Recorded third album, Old Fashioned Love Song by Henry and Dan, in Nashvile, TN.

.           He worked alongside with artists such as Andre Crouch, Dale Evans Rogen, Pat Boone, Paul Harvey, and many others. He was privileged to perform for the Secretary of Transportation and Pentagon Christian personnel in Washington, DC. Harrison also performed in his own PHS Christmas telecast: A Christmas Card from Henry, for two years and featured in various musicals and off-broadway productions. Hosted his own half-boor weekly cable TV show, "Amen Time with Henry".

.            Ordained by Rev. James R. Bryant, pastor of LaGree Baptist Church in Harlem, New York in January 31, 1975.

Moved back to Harlem, New York in September 1980.

November 1980. Celebrated 25th year in ministry at LaGree Baptist Church, Harlem, New York..

.             November 7, 1981. Called to pastor the historic Baptist House of Prayer In Harlem, New York.

.             1983-1990. Harlem Hospital Volunteer Chaplain, North General Hospital Volunteer Chaplain, Vice President of the Baptist Minister's Evening Conference of Greater New York, Member or the Baptist Minister's Conference of Greater New York, President of Central Harlem Association of Neighborhood of Churches Endeavors (CHANCE), Ministerial Advisor/Singer/Soloist of the Martin Luther King, Jr. FeIIowship Choir, Member of the GENTS of New York singing group, both under the direction of George E. Canton, Jr. Co-Producer with Sheila Berry of The Gospel Showcase of Baptist House of Prayer Cable TV Ministry, and Me8ber . Community Advisory Board of Harlem Hospital for nine (9) years through the appointments  by Manhattan Borough Presidents, Ruth Messinger and C. Virginia Fields.

.              Awarded the distinction of Honorary Doctor of Divinity by the Empire State Chaplain's Training Institute of the American Chaplain's Association on May 17, 1987.


.              1991. First trip abroad to Norway with Harlem Gospel Singers, directed by Dr. C. Eugene Cooper. This event birthed his international traveling ministry.

.              1992. Preached at the Metropolitan Church in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


             . 1993. Traveled to Jerusalem with 26 Baptist ministers and performed, I Walked Today where Jesus Walked. Later celebrated 10th Pastoral Anniversary at Baptist House of Prayer in Harlem, New York.

.              1996. Traveled to Italy with Bishop Nat Townseley and the Gospel Jubilee.

.              1999. Accompanied Pastor Terrance Kennedy of New Hope Community Church of Harlem for singing ministry in Japan.

.               2000. Evangelized in Uganda and east Africa for over 30 days.

.               2001. Returned to Uganda and east Africa for another 3O-day evangelism tour.

.               2002. Preached in Athens, Greece. Conducted a 30-day revival at the World Redeemed Evangelism Church under Pastor George Kyamuzungu in Uganda.

.               2003. Called to help establish and became overseer of the Highway to Heaven Holy Church in Pineland, SC. Rev. Vergia Cohen serves as pastor.

.               2004. Fourth trip to Uganda and east Africa for 4O-day evangelism tour.

.               2005. Return to Osaka, Japan for concerts and preaching ministry.


. November U, 2005. Celebrates 5O years of singing and preaching in the ministry at the LaGree Baptist Church, Harlem, New York.


                                               Thursday July 13, 2006

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