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Dear Members of the List & Others: We are VERY happy to announce:


                          Like a Beautiful Soaring PHOENIX - The




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                 Ambassador Of PRUDENIA (To USUNS All)



We are happy to report that through the good offices of the Ambassador

of Prudenia - and the advanced technology of the Civilization he so proudly represents - we are happy to make available his historic appearance before

our cameras as an archived treasure able to be viewed - we are told -

from now until the end of time by clicking on the link below:




Much more certain to come in time ahead  HHC



Prudenia presents - The Colors Project, is a weekly TV Show on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. A group of aliens return to the Earth after implanting Humanity on this Planet thousands of years ago. Now that Humanity has fruitfully spread across the Globe, they have decided it is time to reveal themselves and to instigate a Revolution of Global Awareness. The only problem is they have forgotten how to communicate with the Earthlings. A live cable access TV show is their attempt to regain global communication with the Earthlings since Humanity has come to favor television as its Forum.
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  in the true spirit of "stealing this movie". if it ain't free lets get our chains off now. the john sinclair benefit. the people belong to the people. the movie is playing its just black at the beginning.



A single purpose is championed by this troupe: to communicate and instigate divine consciousness throughout humanity by showcasing absolute freedom in artistic expression.  This performance is no exception and the audience will be energetically implanted with this message.  When they leave the pool, the performance continues.

The purpose of artistic expression throughout time has been to come to a greater understanding of Self by tapping into the inner connection of the divine energy.  The liberated ritual expressions of a shaman help him catch a glimpse of a true Self.  Likewise the artist playfully utilizes a mode of expression to put Self on display as an instinctual approach to the divine.  In time, and with increased frequency of expression, creative thoughts become oracular means of paving a connection to the divine.  Dance, writing, painting, ... all creativity are play toys of the divine.  Increasing the frequency of these expressions, hastens self revelation and the congealment of perfection. 

Humanity has built such an advanced technological sophistication that a shift into divine understanding is required to serve as a morality check on further progress.  The oneness of the tribe of Earth must be taken into account in every move we make.  As David Peel says, “God created the world is six days, on the seventh day he rested, on the eighth day we take over.” We are required to ready ourselves. We are in control.

Humanity is currently unaware of this potential.  Our ability to engender divinity within ourselves is innate, as is the social organism that has grown out of the oneness of humanity.  We gather together in our material form in order to cause a spark in our energetic forms.  Through the material, a factor of our basest aspects, we can harvest the potential energy of divinity. Through the density in darkness, we can find the light.  In order to cross into divinity we must deem ourselves worthy (love of self) and be brave enough to defy The Rules of Nature (strength of self).  By its nature, creativity accomplishes both.

Our social stories have made reference to the hero’s journey and the positive resolution of cycles, the circle of life.  Yet even advanced races at moments will be constricted by small minds, blinded to a future potential.  A stagnant period of history would emanate and the people would lose hope while wrapped in circles too small.  Tribal infighting would overtake the need to progress and slowly momentum would be lost as hollow rituals would remain to pass time. The tribe would blindly swing in their cocoon of being, without the urge to molt, and without the knowledge of the coming metamorphosis.  

We are all waiting.  Waiting for peace.  Waiting for freedom.  Waiting for the Messiahs.  Why are we waiting when we are already here?  We must come to acknowledge the arrival our Divinity and stand up to our Divine Responsibilities. 

Only then will we be able to progress as a Divine Earth, a Heavenly Planet. 



                                               Thursday June 22, 2006

                                10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

                 Channel 34 of the Time/Warner &Channel 110 of the RCN 
                       Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York. 

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