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                 RENEE  MAZER   LLB  




 "NOT TOO SCARY VOCABULARY: For the Sat and Other Standardized Tests and Success in Life "

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More About: RENEE MAZER & "NOT TO SCARY VOCABULARY"  --- From Good New Broadcasting  / her web site: www.nottooscary.com and others


Creator of the highly regarded, award-winning, "Not Too Scary Vocabulary, For the SAT & Other Standardized Tests And Success in Life" shares her fun and surprising technique for increasing your vocabulary and test scores through a series of songs, poems, mnemonic devices.


3/17/2005 SAT tutor for over 15 years and founder of High Score, a test prep company, Wharton Law School graduate Renee Mazer creates the highly awarded Not Too Scary Vocabulary! For the SAT & Other Standardized Tests And Success in Life - Great for Adults Too! An outrageously wild, funny guide for improving your chances in the world


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Saturday, May 28, 2005.


Not Too Scary Vocabulary is a series of cds or audio tapes with a 36-page companion booklet that uses amusing, original poems and songs to help students and adults learn and remember more than 500 words they are likely to encounter on the SAT* and other standardized tests.

Tribune Media Services Review. Click Here - June 1, 2004
Not Too Scary appears on Business Week Online. Click Here - June 2, 2004
interviews founder of Not Too Scary on 82 point average verbal SAT increases. 
Click here


An excerpt from an article in The Times Record, a Mid Coast Maine newspaper, a high school student wrote - "Clearly, this isn't your average SAT practice course... this product really works."
Sarah Mather, a junior at Mt. Ararat High School reporting in The Times Record

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A Bold Type Makes Words Stand Out
When Renee Mazer tutors high schoolers, she's a little irreverent, a bit racy, and 100% pop-culture original. The novel approach is boosting test scores -- and her business

Entrepreneurs are commonly advised to be aggressive when taking on a market full of large competitors. But not many are confident enough to follow that advice -- and even fewer are brash enough to confront Goliath-sized rivals head-to-head. Of course, most enterpreneurs are not Renee Mazer, founder and president of Not Too Scary, an SAT tutoring outfit that sells anything-but-mainstream audiotapes and CDs as a means of teaching vocabulary.


CDs Appeal to Kids’ Interests to Teach SAT Vocabulary

There’s nothing teenagers like more than being condescended to, so Renee Mazer’s “Not Too Scary Vocabulary” may be the perfect way to motivate your teen to study for SAT. The 7-CD set uses poems and songs to teach kids the words they need to know for the test. I bet kids are wondering if the CDs are both dope and fly. No worries, says Mazer, they are TIGHT! ``I watch TV, what kids are watching, listen to the radio. Kids like `That '70s Show,' and they are listening to the music I'm listening to. All those references are there.'' The CDs even reference hip subject mater like the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. If these babies had been around, Matt Drudge might even have been able to get into college. From  BostonHerald.com




Thursday June 2, 2005

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