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                 Guest For  FRIDAY APRIL 1, 2005                


                REID STOWE                        
            1000 Days Non- Stop at Sea
          Mars Ocean Odyssey
                       (212) 414-7653       
                        Anne a Schooner under full sail 

Born into a family of longtime boat builders and inspired by his father's Air Force career, Reid has been challenging the seas with lengthy voyages since age 19, when he first sailed from Hawaii to New Zealand in 1971. It was during this time that he met and was influenced by France's Bernard Moitessier, the first man to sail nonstop around the world.

Returning from New Zealand, Reid built a 1400-pound catamaran and ventured for three years across the Atlantic Ocean and back, then up the Amazon River-all without benefit of radio, electronics, or motor. In 1976, brimming with knowledge and confidence, Reid began preparing for a challenging six-month voyage to the Antarctic. With the help of family and friends, he designed and built, in a year and a half, what he terms "the ultimate long distance, heavy weather sailboat," a 70-foot and 60-ton gaff-rigged schooner that he named Anne, in honor of his mother. For six months in 1986, Reid and a crew sailed her to Antarctica, "·where few boats venture due to the extremely dangerous conditions.

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1000 Days Non-Stop at Sea Ocean Odyssey

Captain Reid Stowe and crew are preparing to depart on his 70 ft schooner to set sail for 1,000 days out of sight of land and leave dry land longer than anyone ever has. They will not refuel, they will not re-supply, and they will not pull into any harbor. When Reid and crew casts off from Pier 63, they will follow global trade winds from New York to the southern coast of Africa, past Australia, around the end of South America to circumnavigate the globe in the southern hemisphere 4 times. Their return to New York will be the first time they will even see land in almost three years.

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Schooner Anne, under tan bark sails.               Moonrise over the ocean.

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                                    The Schooner Anne takes water over the rail


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FRIDAY APRIL 1, 2005  10:30 - 11:30 AM NYC TIME

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