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                   Guest For  FRIDAY MAY 27 2005                


                   MICHAEL  SANTO








Michael is director, writer and producer of film and video.  He is a native New Yorker, and a graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts where he majored in Film Studies and Production.  He has traveled extensively throughout Brazil, Turkey, and Australia.   In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, he converted an industrial loft space into a home.  Manhattan's Old Garment District is where he currently resides.  A week hardly goes by without him running thirty miles along the Hudson River or in Central Park.  His life revolves around cinema, filmmaking, great literature, fine art and delicious food, and, of course, the family and friends with which to share them.  Michael adores his hometown, and participates actively in its astounding culture.

Michael also directs the sale and purchase of residential and commercial real estate in New York City for developers and for individual owners and buyers alike.



Friday May  27, 2005

 /  10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

Channel 34 of the Time/Warner &Channel 110 of the RCN 
Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

Unfortunately the MNN streaming is temporarily not in operation

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"Web streaming will be down for a few weeks. Our streams are provided to producers and viewers as a courtesy, above and beyond our local cablecast mission, nonetheless, we value our webcasting capability. MNN is committed to the idea that public access should be on Internet. We are dependant on partnerships to offer webcasting, and the capacity is limited. We ask viewers and producers for their patience while we take the streams off-line temporarily to create a new more reliable system. 5/20/05"

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