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                          CYNTHIA "c" BASINET




               Model / Actress / Recording Artist               

                              Humanitarian -


  Nominated as one of 1000 Women of the World

                    For the Noble Peace Prize


            Home page of 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005

                         1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize


Cynthia "c." Basinet

  Cynthia "c." Basinet, a throwback to an earlier era of sultry style and elegance, is a gorgeous singer, dancer, actress, and model. The leggy comedic redhead began her career as a fashion model in San Francisco. After five more years of international modeling successes in Paris (where she learned to speak fluent French and studied French cinematography), London and Milan, she returned to Los Angeles. Later, after appearing in music videos for the likes of Roy Orbison and the Babys, she used her talent array to bridge into acting appearing in movies, TV shows and national commercials.

Always a musician, since childhood (when she first learned to play the flute, sax and sing) and an astute businesswoman, Basinet established an entirely new channel of distribution for her music using the Internet to bypass the usual Hollywood and recording industry path to bring her releases directly to listeners around the world. With worldwide radio play and millions of downloads (however, often credited to Marilyn Monroe, who never recorded the song) she has created an entertainment phenomenon with her rendition of "SANTA BABY" (also in the film, "PARTY MONSTER").

    She continues recording and acting while using her music music to raise awareness for many, including a trip in May/June of '01 to refugee camps in the Western Sahara. Also a single mom, she currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

    The self-released CD, "FOR YOU WITH LOVE" contains love songs originally recorded as gifts is available thru Amazon.com, CDbaby.com and digital distribution.

    Her latest recordings have her venturing into electronica collaborating with the Irish electronica artist, O'Halloran, www.boygeniusrecords.com.


All Press Releases for December 11, 2004  

"It's Cynthia Basinet's "Santa Baby""

Cynthia Basinet has had the dubious distinction of being mistaken for Marilyn Monroe. The breathy screen legend never recorded "Santa Baby" and in fact, the highly popular version and mislabeled was recorded by the sexy redheaded actress and recording artist, Cynthia Basinet (aka "c. basinet").

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) December 11, 2004 -- Cynthia Basinet has had the dubious distinction of being mistaken for Marilyn Monroe. The breathy screen legend never recorded "Santa Baby," and in fact, the highly popular and mislabeled version was recorded by the sexy redheaded actress and recording artist, Cynthia Basinet (aka "c. basinet").

The origin of the '97 recording was as a personal dedication for the actor, Jack Nicholson. (Other hits recorded for the actor thru the years of their relationship include "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "Haunted Heart".)

Cynthia released her "Santa Baby" via the Internet - riding the MP3/Y2K wave and becoming overnight a phenomenon at the Millennium. With worldwide radio play and MP3 downloads, her version has become a Christmas staple.

This allowed her the exposure to raise awareness for the Saharawi refugees living in self-determination in the W. Sahara by visiting in '01, just shy of 9-11.

However, illegal file-sharing has perpetrated the misnomer and continued credit to Marilyn.

"Ironically, the legendary Ms. M, for all her charm, could never have achieved what Basinet has with the song. By both embodying and poking fun at the kind of stereotype Monroe wholeheartedly embraced, the performance manages to convey a very strong and secure sense of womanhood -- all the stronger to be expressed with such humor." - David Reitzes, writer

"While I consider it a compliment, it was actually recorded as a gift and a tribute to Eartha Kitt's version." says Basinet "Besides you finance, record, produce and distribute a song originally recorded as a gift that leads to the most difficult 7 years... just be nice if at least you'd get the proper credit and the song not continue to be stolen."

The song can also be heard in the indie cult film, "Party Monster" starring Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin.

She has long been considered "... one of the most sultry, seductive voices around" and her CD, "For You With Love" collection of love songs, including "Santa Baby" is available through http://www.amazon.com/ and digital distribution (Apple iTunes, MSN Music, Sony Connect, Rhapsody, BuyMusic, Emusic, the new Napster, AOL's MusicNet, MusicMatch, and more).

Also a single mother, she resides in Los Angeles, where she continues recording, acting and using her voice to aid many.

For more on Cynthia visit: http://www.cynthiabasinet.com/

"What the World needs now is love sweet love" -Bacharach


                           1000 Women for the Noble Peace Prize-

                Women at the Forefront of Peace and Justice

Millions of women are engaged daily in working for a better future. Without regard for their own safety, they are active on behalf of the community's well-being. They call for reconciliation, demand justice, and rebuild what has been destroyed. They transform conflicts. They fight against poverty   and for human rights. They create alternative sources of income, and they strive   for access to land and clean water. They educate and heal. They reintegrate HIV patients. They find solutions to a great many forms of violence and they condemn the genital mutilation of girls.

The project 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005 defined as its objective the nominating of 1000 women to represent collectively the millions above-mentioned. The life stories, the visions, methods, strategies and networks of these 1000 women will be publicized. With this recognition they should receive both encouragement and gratitude for their commitment.

After almost three years' work, we are happy to introduce these 1000 women to you here. Their short biographies were compiled by local journalists and authors, as well as by academics and by members of organizations. These biographies give us insight into the life and work of each of the 1000 women. They also reflect the cultural differences involved in evaluating personal data. To satisfy any curiosity for further information, a book on the 1000 women will appear in autumn 2005.

In the coming months this website will be continually updated and enlarged, until all 1000 women have been portrayed in as much detail as possible.


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