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                                     (Originally aired: 10-06-03)


                                    THEO DOV GOLAN



                    Former Director General

               Department of Health - Israel

  Comparable to United States Surgeon General




                            NITA RENFREW



                       Independent Journalist

                     Author: Saddam Hussein


The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

Theo Dov Golan & Nita Renfrew - Air date" 10-06-03




Theo Dov Golan,  Statement about treatment of Palestinians.  Israel is constantly accused of misconduct and even ‘barbarian’ and ‘racist’ behaviour towards its Palestinian neighbours, especially at the United Nations where a disproportionate amount of time and energy of the world body is taken up on passing resolutions against Israel.

At my recent presentation to the United Nations Correspondents’ Association, one of the journalists addressed the so-called ‘barbaric treatment of the Palestinians by Israel’ which he was convinced was the whole story. When I explained that events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resulted from Israel’s being forced to protect its citizens from Palestinian terror, he exclaimed emotionally: “You Israelis, you Jews who have suffered so much in the past – from you the world expects a more humane response”.

As a physician, I unequivocally can give proof that the opposite is true. Israel has set an example of a level of humanitarian medical aid to others including Palestinians, which no other nation can compete with.

Here are the facts: Israel was responsible for the welfare of the Palestinians during these years, 1967 – 1994, until the Palestinian Authority took over. During that period, Israel has presented annually dramatic documented achievements to the World Health Organisation (WHO) either by myself, as head of the Israeli delegation, or by the other Israeli officials of the Ministry of Health. This included the total eradication in the Palestinian population of poliomyelitis, neonatal-tetanus and measles. Also, Israel dramatically reduced the death rate of Palestinian newborns from over 60/1000 to 19/1000 within those 27 years of Israel’s presence. Israel unequivocally demonstrates to the world that it sanctifies life and not death – the lives of Palestinian children, adults and elderly, including those of wounded terrorists, are treated in Israeli hospitals with the same care and alongside Israeli patients. This approach is deeply rooted in our Jewish tradition that “whoever saves one life (and not necessarily the life of a Jew) has saved the whole world”.

Why is it then, that this unprecedented, outreaching and caring behaviour of Israel remains unknown and unreported to the general public, although documented and presented at official bodies of the international community?

Is it that ‘good news is no news’ or is there a ‘hidden’ agenda of double standards and hypocrisy towards Israel (as addressed in Alan Dershowitz’s book A Case for Israel)? Or are we the people that the world loves to hate? There is a big and unanswered WHY that needs to be addressed.

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Nita Renfrew is an independent journalist. In the past she focused on stories having to do with U.S. national security, mainly concerning Central America and the Middle East. She was a correspondent for Europe's leading international affairs monthly, Le Monde Diplomatique (of the French Le Monde).

Her articles have appeared in the U.S. in New York Magazine, Aperture, The Wall Street Journal, Newsday and Foreign Policy, and she has been a consultant to Frontline and ABC News.

In 1986-'87 she was a member of the year-long Iran Study Group led by Gary Sick at the Council on Foreign Relations, and after the Gulf War, in a CFR discussion group on Iraq. In 1989, during the invasion of Panama and its aftermath, and during the 1990-'91 Gulf crisis, Renfrew was a frequent guest and commentator on television and radio, including ABC Talk Radio, Pacifica Radio/WBAI (daily commentary on The War Report), and CNN. She has also discussed a variety of other subjects on WBAI and CNN, including religious fundamentalism and terrorism.

Born in New York City, Renfrew grew up in Mexico speaking fluent Spanish and studied in Europe, where she learned French, German and Italian. She traveled to Central America and the Middle East many times, living for nearly a year on a kibbutz in Israel. (She has a background also in public affairs and conflict resolution, to which field she contributed pioneering papers.) In 1992, Ms. Renfrew's book, Saddam Hussein, was published by Chelsea House. It told a different story from the official one in the U.S., and was recommended several times by the BBC Radio (the last time was on 11/8/02). Afterwards, she co-founded the Vigil Anti zine: Writers Union's Unauthorized Underground Publication, which appeared monthly for over two years. She has been working for several years on another book, America's Shooting Edge: The Militia Is You, about the Militia movement in the U.S. Author: SADDAM HUSSEIN. The book,"SADDAM HUSSEIN" (published by Chelsea House, 1992/out of print), can now be accessed on the Internet at:

She has discussed SADDAM HUSSEIN from a very credible possibility of seeing him as a leader who held the Iraqi National Union together under difficult situations similar to that of Marshal JOSIP BROZ TITO of Yugoslavia or ABRAHAM LINCOLN of the United States of America - drawing upon among other sources the major article by JUDE WANNISKI (R.I.P.): "Saddam Suddenly Looks Innocent" 


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