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                                       (Originally aired: 04-24-06)




                        Reverend JOSEPH BEN-DAVID


                      Founder and Senior Minister




                            The Church of Humanism


        Former Associate and Representative in USA of




                                     Martin Buber




The Association of Cable Access Producers - A.C.A.P.


                                        The Humanist Foundation



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     Reverend Joseph Ben-David - Air date: 04-24-06 







ImageWelcome to the Church of Humanism and its division,the Humanist Foundation. Founded in 1973, the Church of Humanism, located in New York City, is the only Humanist religious organization that affirms God as a fusion of naturalism and realism.

Our philosophy of life is based on a deep faith in the values of reason, love, and intuition and a call to conscience that relates particularly to issues of justice, freedom, and peace.  We greatly value the study and the application of humanistic psychology and philosophy, and we take inspiration from the wisdom of Martin Buber, Erich Fromm, Hannah Arendt, Carl Rogers, Karen Horney, Stanley Krippner, Wilhelm Reich, and other pioneers in the field of human relations.

Our services and programs include regular dialogical and inspirational meetings, ethical counseling,  weddings and other personal ceremonies, a Humanist Theological Seminary, and research in the philosophy of religion.

Here at our web site, you will find information about the unique philosophy and history of our Church, and we hope to greet you in person at one of our meetings.

                                                                                 In faith and hope,


                                                                                 Reverend Joseph Ben-David

                                                                                 Founder and Senior Minister

stop image Please note!

Dear Reader,

    None of the included materials, books, essays or lectures should be read or accepted uncritically, nor should any one of them be considered an authoritative and dogmatically binding thesis representing a humanist doctrine. We do not want "followers"; or "true believers"; but freethinking partners in a great spiritual enterprise.

    For further information about meetings, humanist weddings, naming of a child, memorials, counseling, and other activities write or call, mailing address only: The Church of Humanism, 250 West 85 St. #10E, New York, NY, 10024, All meetings held at: The Fourth Universalist Society, 4 West 76 St. New York City, Telephone:  (212) 877-5662, Email: humfriend@aol.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


The Essence of Generic Humanism.

    Amongst the various types of organizational and theoretical forms of humanism, the most essential attitude toward life rests on three pillars: 

    1) Rationality - which means the development of the ability to think in terms of reality. It is the opposite of illusionary, fictitious thinking. 

    2) Love - which represents the major source of life and gives meaning to it. It includes compassion and social feeling and is the opposite of the widely prevailing religion of narcissism, sado-masochism and collective sacro-egoism. One of the prerequisites for developing a loving personality is a concept of wholesome functional human sexuality. 

    3) Intuitive Awareness - which is the ability to perceive correctly and reach correct conclusions without having the necessary facts at hand. Since life consists to a large extent of the unknown, intuitive awareness (intuition) is a precious faculty in humanist decision-making and growth. 

    Important work done by the psychoanalyst Ruth Cohn has shown that through the application of the dialogical process any person can cultivate intuitive awareness. Among the elements determining intuition, the following are of prime importance: 1) clarity of perception, 2) accumulation of experience, 3) trained thinking and 4) unblocked and alert emotions. 

    Thus membership in a humanist organization or self-identification as such does not make a person a humanist. Only to the degree one develops the above qualities within oneself is he or she a humanist. 

    The uniqueness of the Church of Humanism lies in its theocentric religious naturalism. Since reality in its ideal form, reflects the humanist meaning of God, it is a God-concept that can be accepted by rational and scientifically thinking people. The devotion to nothing less than the highest and best, to that which intrinsically enhances the quality of life, and helps advance the values and actuality of freedom, justice and peace, is the basic orientation of authentic humanism.



                                          Friday May 16, 2008

                                 10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

                 Channel 34 of the Time/Warner & Channel 83 of the RCN 
                       Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

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