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                                      ARISTEDES DuVALL

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                                                     Aristedes DuVal



Aristedes DuVal Co-produced U.N. World Day ‘99 for the Duke Ellington Foundation. General Assembly. Secretary General Koffi Anan spoke and dignitaries from around the globe attended. Produced for TV with 6 Betacams.  It was the comeback of Hendricks & Ross of the famed Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. Also featured Grady Tate, Barbara Morrison, Delya Chandler, Miri Benari, Joy Ryder, Paul Nowinsky & others.

He worked with Salvador Dali, Melina Mercouri, Jules Dassin, Mikis Theodorakis, P.F. Sloan - Eve of Destruction, Secret Agent Man, James RadoHair, Rainbow, Editta Sherman - Duchess of Carnegie Hall, Globus Brothers - Panoramic Photography, Computer Art, Bernard Stollman- ESP Disk Records, Museum of Sound Recording, Dick Falk -Mayor of Broadway, Pat Kenny- Kenny’s Castaways, Rascal Rock, Jon Stevens- Atomic Silver Pill.

Aristedes created live and televised shows with & for hundreds of artists on Manhattan cable TV including Mary Doolittle Watches TV, Rock Shop, Lovecats. Founder of Public Access Producers & Artists'Alliance P.A.P.A.

He published 400 issues of the most complete advance listings of NYC Gallery Openings & Free Events - The Mr.Sexy® Atomic Hot List, which forever changed the face of art journalism.

Publicist for Copernicus, John King's Models & Talent News, Showbusiness, Manhattan Mirror, The Rhythm Club, Magic Orbit From Outer Space, Nuclear Warrior, Max's Kansas City.

Performed in the musicals Superstar & Rainbow both here & abroad, recorded an album in Berlin with Joy Ryder, written & directed.  Some projected new involvements include Electric Prunes, Harry Smith, Max’s Kansas City, California Jam, and liaison to radio talk shows.

Authored 200 songs-music & Lyrics & pieces of music in a variety of styles. Legit Lyric Tenor. Belcanto, Rock, Opera, Jazz Blues, Bach, Chopin, Handel. Plays 12 string guitar, harmonica & electronics. Rock-Video DeeJay. MC'd many shows.
Check here for Dolly Parton's tour dates!
From this Rock & Roller's perspective I think everyone should hear Halos & Horns - a great album,
and Dolly's first self-produced one at that.
Visit some of my links:    Broadviewnet.net/otvr/Aristedes
  Broadviewnet.net/otvr/Atomic_Hot List
Magnatech 35 Film Projectors for Sale Yahoo / groups / Magic_Orbit
Good Condition with Lenses and Lamps Web Tunes.com / artist / Aristedes DuVal
  Muse Works Entertainment.com / Aristedes
  Rock Dont Block The Box.com
Here are some of my friend's links:    Willoughby Sharp Gallery
  Pollstar - Dolly Parton
    Von Cello.com
  MP3.com / Von Cello
  CDBaby.com / cd / Von Cello 1
  CDBaby.com / cd / Von Cello 2
  CDStreet.com / artists / Von Cello
  MusicDish.com / contributors / Von Cello
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Friday May  13, 2005

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Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

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