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                                            SOANYA  AHMAD



          305 Days at Sea Non Stop with Reid Stowe

                 Has Set a Record for the Longest

             Non Stop Voyage at Sea by a Woman!


          Had Accompanied REID STOWE on his

        Monumental Venture to Sail Non-stop out of

 Sight of Land & With no Re- supply for 1000 days

Which He Continues - Alone Now - on the Oceans of

                                   the Wide World        


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    Soanya Ahmad - Air date: 05-08-08 - SOANYA AHMAD




Soanya Ahmad was born in Queens, New York. The eldest of three children, she was raised by parents who emigrated from Guyana.

She attended The City College of New York as part of the first class of Cuny Honors College students. There she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in photography. After having photographed many black and white harborscapes of cities on the east coast, she became interested in learning more about the waterfront, prompting her to pursue a second degree in Maritime Technology at Kingsborough Community College.

Soanya came into contact with the 1000 Days Non-stop at Sea expedition at the beginning of her third year in college as she was photographing the piers of Manhattan. Having worked various office jobs through college, as she was graduating, she realized the well defined city grid and square cubicle was not for her. She preferred instead to follow her own expansive spirit in a less limiting environment and the sea was the perfect place to start. Three years after her first encounter with the project, she decided to become a part of it and accompany the noble and charming captain of the expedition, Reid Stowe, on his greatest and most challenging voyage yet.

After spending 305 days non-stop at sea out of sight of land and breaking numerous records, she had to leave the schooner for health reasons. She is now part of the onshore support team in New York.

Reid Stowe:
Born into a family of longtime boat builders and inspired by his father's Air Force career, Reid has been challenging the seas with lengthy voyages since age 19, when he first sailed from Hawaii to New Zealand in 1971. It was during this time that he met and was influenced by France's Bernard Moitessier1, the first man to sail nonstop around the world.

[Ed.  1. Robert Knox-Johnston is the record holder for the first nonstop single handed circumnavigation.  Moitessier who also did a circumnavigation in the same race did not return to England but continued around again.  Thanks, Richard.]

 A feature written about the Explorers Club of New York by Conde Nast Traveler describes Reid as being the "genuine article, with an old-fashioned spirit of adventure" and "a man with that rare combination of unbridled passion and impetuosity." Nicholas Sullivan, president of the Explorer's Club, adds that "By virtue of his Voyage of 1000 Days, Reid will be one of the greatest explorers ever."

Returning from New Zealand, Reid built a 1400-pound catamaran and ventured for three years across the Atlantic Ocean and back, then up the Amazon River-all without benefit of radio, electronics, or motor. In 1976, brimming with knowledge and confidence, Reid began preparing for a challenging six-month voyage to the Antarctic. With the help of family and friends, he designed and built, in a year and a half, what he terms "the ultimate long distance, heavy weather sailboat," a 70-foot and 60-ton gaff-rigged schooner that he named Anne, in honor of his mother. For six months in 1986, Reid and a crew sailed her to Antarctica, "where few boats venture due to the extremely dangerous conditions."

Finally on April 21, 2007 Reid and Soanya embarked on the voyage titled 1000 Days Non-Stop at Sea, A Mars Ocean Odyssey. Their goal was to live on the sea instead of the land. They would not pull into any port or receive resupplies. After almost a year at sea out of sight of land, Soanya, Reid's only crew member had to leave the voyage and return to land, but Reid continued on alone intent on completing the next almost seven hundred days non-stop at sea to fulfill the goal of 1000 Days.



1000Days Voyage Start at Day 1

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Thanks Carter! Another excellent VirtualUniverse and Reid call in 4/1/08

Day 378 Under Bare Poles
Friday, 02 May 2008
Wind SW10 knots, Course NE, Speed  2 to 3 knots, Position 36° 58' S by 175° 44' W

Five days of NE storm drove us to the south and increased.  When the windward turnbuckle to the whisker stay at the bow sprit broke I decided to start lowering sails.  There is always a moment of flapping before I can smother and tie the sails.  First the staysail tore it's leech cloth up the back edge.  The steel work in the main throat pulley broke and I had trouble lowering the foresail that was in the place of the main sail. That sail received minor damage.  The foresail held us like a steady wing into the wind as the stormy black night came on.  I should have lowered that sail, because a look through the pilot house window with the spot light revealed a growing tear.  I geared up and lowered it as quickly as I could.  That left us drifting SW under bare poles broadside to the waves and wind.  In the morning the wind abruptly stopped and we rolled in the giant ragged waves.  In the afternoon the wind picked up from the opposite direction blowing the tops of the waves backwards.  What a sight!  As evening came on I decided to set what sail I could and go with the wind to the NE.  I fixed the turnbuckle and reefed the foresail above the tear, making the sail smaller.  Then I set the foresail and the jib.  This morning I reefed the second foresail above the tear and set it.  We sail slowly to the NE away from winter that is creeping up out of the Southern Ocean.

Day 373 International Dateline
Wednesday, 30 April 2008
Wind NE 25 knots, Course SE, Speed 4 to 5 knots, Position 36° 17' S by 177° 58' W

The NE wind continues and we sail SE, but our positioning is OK and soon I'm sure we will be able to head  E.  The sun has come out after four dark days.  Last night we crossed the international dateline, the 180 degrees meridian.  I move my clocks foreword one hour every 15 degrees, so I moved the clocks foreword. It would be April 29 Tuesday, but I think by crossing the dateline going east I get another day.  That makes it April 28 Monday again.  My days at sea keep moving foreword and I'm now at day 373.  Even this loses it's importance in the immensity of the sea.  I live in a timeless state of mind to adapt to being out here.  I live in a state of grace with gratitude I am able to carry on.  I'm lucky the sails have held out against this stormy NE weather.  If it would have come a week earlier, it would have blown us back into the Tasman Sea.  Now I look ahead across the vast Pacific and project where I want to be over the next months.  My strategy is flexible.  I try to relax and recouperate and choose which jobs are the most important.  I love you comes out of my heart again and again.  As I gather up the charts that I have spread around the pilot house a feeling of peace overcomes me and I am somehow reassured that I can do it.

Day 371 Soul Cruising Routes
Sunday, 27 April 2008
Wind NE 20  to 30 knots,  Course SE, Speed  4 to 5 knots, Position  35° 30' S by 178° 46' E

One of the most helpful books I've been studying is World Cruising Routes by Jimmy Cornell.  I have always used  Pilot Charts which have much the same information, but this book goes into detail.  I'm studying the book and trying to choose a route that leaves us plenty of ocean room and keeps us away from the different hurricane seasons.  There are three big hurricane seasons that take up most of the year in the  Pacific.  I haven't found much information about rain.  I'm hoping I can catch rain on the equator.  I tried in yesterday's rain spray, but the water I caught was too salty.  For three days of NE storm the solar panels have not seen the sun's rays.

"…and he beheld his ship coming in the mist. Then the gates of his heart were flung open, and his joy flew far over the sea and he closed his eyes and prayed in the silences of his soul." Kahlil Gibran.  My sailing mentor Ivo introduced me to The Prophet in New  Zealand when I was a teenager.  When I returned home I told my Mom about a great book.  She went to the bookcase that Dad built and pulled it off the shelf.

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