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                                GARRY  DAVIS


                                World Citizen # 1



              Creator of the World Passport






                   President:  One Films



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Welcome to the Garry Davis Cyberworld!  menu Imagemap

Introduction to my Cyberworld 

News of my World Presidential Campaign

Hello Cyberfriend!
Thanks for visiting with me on this one-to-one basis. You and I are now linked by cyberspace-an infinite region of NO BORDERS! A free "land!" A human "land." A sovereign "land.". That's the new and awesome "reality" of cyberspace. 

It "places" us all AT ONCE together, mentally, morally, socially. 

The universality of cyberspace compels openness, honesty, fairness, candor and, in a word, truth. Like the sun, it shines on all alike. Being universal, it is equitable, democratic, just. It also exposes division, hypocrisy, triviality. 


Here you and I are Netizens! Shake! 

The political equivalent is world citizenship. 



My Campaign Platform

Message for World Presidency Campaign - 2003/2004

 FROM: Garry Davis

 “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of 
government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections 
which shall be by universal or equivalent free-voting procedures.             
                         Article 21(3), Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Dear World Citizen,

     As a candidate for World President, I hereby solicit your World Vote.
World Ballot is enclosed
     Living in our world community as a fellow human, guaranteed the human 
right of political choice—see above—you can exercise the inalienable right of 
political franchise now!
     I enclose excerpts from statements I have made through the years 
concerning my reasons for campaigning for this high office.
     In brief, I am convinced that without democratic world government, the 
human race is doomed.
     While I am not a professional politician, my qualifications for the 
global office are fairly unique. I have been a declared World Citizen since 
the age of 26. I am now 77. I am the author of four books on the subject of 
world citizenship, world law, world government and human rights. (See my web 
sites: www.garrydavis.org and www.worldgovernment.org.
     I have graduated from the East-West University of Brahma-Vidya in South 
India under the direction of Nataraja  Guru receiving a master’s degree in 
geo-dialectics. This is a new science of human relations based on pure 
dialectics, the wisdom science.
     Further, I have founded institutions based on the human right of 
political choice, the first being the International Registry of World 
Citizens in Paris in 1949. (750,000 individuals registered during the years 
1949-51). The second is the World Government of World Citizens in 1953; the 
third, the World Service Authority in 1954 (still operating from Washington, 
DC and Tokyo, Japan) and the fourth, the World Government Institute in 1998 
(in formation).
     I also enclose my campaign brochure and the World Vote Ballot. You may 
photocopy this ballot. It contains the place for nine votes. Please seek 8 
additional signatures on the ballot.  
     Donations may be sent to the account cited on the bottom of this letter. 
Any donation of $500 or above will receive my book, “Passport to Freedom, a 
Manual for World Citizens,”   plus a subscription to the forthcoming 
quarterly World Government News.
     Donations of $1,000 or over will receive the book, the quarterly plus 
the booklet World Citizenship, World Government. World Peace,  Major 
Statements by Garry Davis, Citizen of the World,  comprising a section, 
“World Law Now,” with The Ellsworth Declaration (original declaration of 
World Government) and my three briefs to the US Supreme Court and the 
International Court of Justice, plus a special section on my Letters to 
National Officials.
     Donations of $10,000 or more will receive an original World Passport 
(only 33 left out of a printing of 1,000, a historic collector’s item), circa 
1956, which I used when first travelling to India to meet with Guru Nataraja 
who wrote the Memorandum on World Government .
      I will consider myself “elected” after receiving votes from 1% of the 
world’s population, that is 50 million citizens. As the campaign gathers 
momentum, I expect others more qualified than I will announce their global 
candidacy for world office at the service of humanity and all humans..
     I look forward to representing you on the world level. Together we can 
help save the planet and humanity from the scourge of war and ecological 
devastation as we enter the 3rd millenium. .
       Yours in one world,

       Garry Davis


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CONTACT! This web site is about COMMUNICATION in BOTH DIRECTIONS! Feel free to  e-mail me with any comments requests or suggestions! 


To Learn more about Garry, Follow The links along the top of the screen




THE WORLD... universally outgoing, conceptually unbounded, the planet dynamically, synergistically and organically one with itself and the cosmos. 

CITIZENSHIP... the restrictive rights and duties within a given social structure. 

The two words together seem paradoxical. "You can educate either the citizen or the man," wrote Thoreau. Yet in their union lies the potential success of the human species; in their non-union lies the demise of a fatally flawed creature which could not overcome its self-imposed global anarchy. 

Quote of the day

After all, politics is a matter of serving the community, which means that it is morality in practice. And how better to serve the community and practice morality than by seeking in the midst of the global (and globally threatened) civilization their own global political responsibility: that is, their responsibility for the very survival of the human race?

Vaclav Havel

World Citizen Group

A dialogue on human rights and world citizenship, law and government.
Subscribe to the WorldCitizen Group

The World Service Authority, and the human-embracing-the-globe logo are service marks or registered service marks of the World Service Authority throughout the world.



Garry Davis

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Garry Davis (born Bar Harbor, Maine, July 27, 1921) is a peace activist who created the first "World Passport."

Davis was the son of Meyer & Hilda Davis. He graduated from The Episcopal Academy in 1940 and attended the Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University); he also earned an M.A. in Geo-dialectics from the East-West University of Brahma Vidya, Bangalore, India.[1]

A former Broadway actor, after serving in the US Air Force during WWII as a B-17 bomber pilot, he renounced his American citizenship in Paris in 1948 to become a "citizen of the world." Davis interrupted a session of the United Nations General Assembly on November 22, 1948 calling for "one government for one world." He founded the International Registry of World Citizens in Paris in January, 1949 which registered over 750,000 individuals. On September 4, 1953 Davis declared the World Government of World Citizens from the city hall of Ellsworth, Maine, based on fundamental human rights. He then formed the World Service Authority in 1954 as the government's executive and administrative agency, which now issues the passports - along with birth and other certificates - to applicants. Davis first used his "world passport" on a trip to India in 1956, and has been variably admitted into or jailed by countries around the world after using his world passport. Up to 150 countries have purportedly accepted the world passport at one time or another. In France, his support committee was co-founded by writers Albert Camus and André Gide and the Abbé Pierre.

Davis ran for mayor in Washington D.C. in 1986 as the candidate of the "World Citizen Party" receiving 585 votes. He also declared himself as the World Citizen Party candidate for the 1988 US presidential election. Davis has published multiple books in favor of his cause of world citizenship.

[edit] Bibliography

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The Garry Davis Story
No Borders...
No Boundaries...
No Fear...
"Mark my words, this boy, Garry Davis, has grasped the only problem which deserves the devotion of contemporary man, the problem to which I myself am determined to devote the rest of my life, up to my very last day: a problem which is, very simply, the survival of the species. It is a question of knowing whether mankind - the very universe of man - will disappear by its own hand, or whether it will continue to exist."
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- Albert Einstein
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© 2006 Arthur Kanegis, One Films, LLC
Quoted in the transcript of the 10/04/1949 hearing before the 14th Court of Corrections in Paris,
 as translated by Richard V. Carter in Survival Meetings, Writers Club Press, 2001
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