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     Brief Explanation of the Imagery of Gaia Hand by its Creator Dorion Sagan 


The hand is meant to represent the nexus of life on Earth through time. At the base near the palm life as bacteria evolves. Different kinds of bacteria then merge genomes to form larger, more complex microbes, cells with nuclei. As with the bacteria, many examples of these organisms, such as amebas and seaweed, survive to the present day. These cells with nuclei (called eukaryotes or protoctists), the result of bacterial genetic mergers, were the first organisms to come together sexually to reproduce. The continued existence of ancient forms of life is represented by their appearance on the tips of the little finger and thumb. The more familiar "macrocopic" kingdoms of life—fungi (represented on the ring finger), plants (the flower), and animals (the lizard)—evolved from the sexually reproducing protoctists. Each kingdom has many phyla, classes, genera, species, and subspecies.

 Our species is represented not directly but by the silhouettes of the male and female face, which remind us that our perspective is not ultimately objective but that of a particular being.

For more info, please go to www.sciencewriters.org.  for a more involved description of the 5 Kingdom hand design


Link to the new book "Into The Cool" by Dorion Sagan & Eric D. Schneider

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