Dear Member of the ACAP Organizing Committee:


Trying to catch up and want to pass on my interpretation of the happenings.  To me things look very good for the ACAP organization. Indeed it seems there is the very real likelihood that ACAP might become one of the most important and influential institutions every promulgated on these shores. Others would disagree with that characterization I’m sure.  I want to share some thoughts which I think might be worth considering in our next meeting scheduled for Wednesday April 16 at 7:00 PM.   First a brief summery update and then a longer piece for your consideration. The longer piece was hurriedly done and seriously needs editing, but I think contains some interesting ideas about Public Access and ACAP which I would hope you might take the time (and perseverance to get through the wordiness), to read and maybe consider. Thanks for your attention.


There have been four additional members who have self selected themselves to the committee and I have added them to the group Email list: DEAN LOREN, JOSHUA VOLINSKI, GEORGE SOTIRELIS & WILLIE STUKES.  I have also invited GIORGIO GOMELSKY to consider joining.   Others have indicated interest and many more will become involved in the time ahead I am sure.


We have had a considerable correspondence over the last couple of months among member of the committee.  I had tried to include as much as possible of that and it ended up with a file which was too large to include in a regular email attachment!  I will figure that problem out and will try my best to make all that is available out to you.


Much of the correspondence was between those who wanted to see ACAP mimic procedures which reflect those by which successful entities were organized in the general society including the adopting of Robert Rules, By-laws, How to Organize a Meeting etc.  In particularly JOHN STEINMETZ worked very hard in that vineyard and submitted very thoughtful and carefully worked out - very well done - models including suggested ACAP By-laws, an interesting proposed Mission Statement,  and even a very well thought out suggestion for an ACAP Constitution!    We thank him very much for all that work which will surely be very relevant and helpful in the time ahead.


Others were more of the opinion that we are a relatively small organization in a re-formation stage of development -  and that the priority was to get the unique organizing perceptions of Public Access – even as a possible element of a crucial Movement - identified first – at this stage - and that that could be most effectively realized in a much more informal atmosphere.


At the initial meeting when Anna Vitali announced she was stepping down and I was selected for a one year term as interim President that general issue was prominently brought up.  My clear understanding of the sense of the general membership was that we should NOT pursue the heavily structured organizational pattern (By-Laws, Incorporation Vs Doing Business As, Policy Options etc.)  in this initial stage of addressing the question:  "Where Do We Go From Here and Why?”.  I certainly was of that frame of mind and have pursued that approach and want to continue in that vain.  I certainly believe that was the sense of the membership representing many very highly experienced individuals, with long track records, within the UNIQUE realm of Public Access production & distribution experience.


Worth mentioning here, were two other agreements which seemed to represent the sentiment of the membership at that initial meeting: 1. All activity between the members of ACAP would be totally voluntary with no one realizing money or charging for any of their contributions – even as we would be happy to encourage and even celebrate any individual ACAP member in any gainful success they realize in the Society at large; 2. All membership would be free of any membership charges and would be made as simple as possible for an individual to “Join” or (Possibly?) "Affiliate" (detail of possible differences to be spelled out among ourselves) very easily and intuitively available by a click on the web site which is to be optimized to encourage membership from across the country.


The MAIN question to be addressed:  “What would they be joining and Why?  What if ANYTHING – is UNIQUE about ACAP, and/or Public Access Producers and by extension - The PUBLIC ACCESS CABLE TELELVISON phenominum - which might gain their attention amid the welter of options on all increasingly limited attention spans now available? That seems to be the number one charge of our committee and ACAP - in my estimation.


It other words, while recognizing the need for more formal structures

which will undoubtedly be called for at a later (hopefully near term) phase of our activity, but for now - we need an effective "Declaration of Independence (Unique Purpose in Being – if there is one?) " before we can have a "Constitutional Convention.”  We do not have a well enough formulated statement at this "Point in Time" – to borrow from President Nixon - of the basic ideas or appreciation,  much less an enunciation, of the fundamentally unique qualities of the Public Access Movement. Those that do exist are NOT adequate to our having the maximally beneficial effect in anything like what a future maximally successful outcome would require.

We would stress here the idea of A MAXIMUM effect which will almost certainly involve UNIQUE ideas which often carry the weight of not being immediately clear or subject to the limited view thinking of the moment.  The World does not need yet another organization with no effective raison d'etre, truly worthy of the attention of a truly inspired membership.


As a corollary I would say mankind as a whole system does not have such a statement of alterations in the challenges and opportunities which changes in the "Zeitgeist" affords and may be required by our current political, business and intellectual leadership. Our MAXIMIZING attempt at  finding grounding principles in a MAXIMUM mode for ACAP would have to necessary relate to the historical pattern as well as the larger societal issues roiling the earth,.  A truncated specialized narrow focus could probably more easily be advanced – and would undoubtedly be able to address the special appeal of a limited group issue say in terms of (among many others) attempts to isolate our attention to “Communications” as a  pragmatic niche player - nesting ourselves within the existing established inadequate order.  We should guard against such a tantilizing stance – of which there are undoubtedly many opportunities – all easily seen.  A more Comprehensive, Inclusive approach might make possible our advancing “PUBLIC ACCESS CABLE TELEVISION” issues within a context able to – perhaps - subsume and - perhaps - provide “answers” to the Political and Economic larger burning issues of our time. The analogy between Public Access seems (or might be seen) to hold for larger issues of human organizational structures.


Undoubtedly it would necessarily relate to the broader aspects of Communications – notably including Multi Media capability – and the pioneering efforts of the best minds in the formative period for institutionally significant Public Access Cable Television development in the United States - which dates to around the year 1970.


Public Access Cable Television existed at least a full decade before the internet (and all its wonders which are so clearly trending toward free abundant communications - including crucially Multi media - today) was in effective existence. It can well be postulated that Public Access Cable Television set the template – Public Access Cable Television was on the frontier – AND  Public Access Cable Television is still in the lead institutionally of a dawning Real Democracy of Communications in the largely Information Technology Defined Post Modern World emerging today.  Is that possibly TRUE?  How do we or can we advance or even presume to raise the premise? We will try and do that in this piece in the space ahead but putting that aside for the moment and assume – as a test scenario - the correctness of the Premise – if so we have an almost sacred obligation to pay attention and spread the news - do we not?!


We have to be aware of and celebrate that PIONEERING UNIQUESNESS.    We do NOT adequately do that now.  We have NOT done so – sufficiently - in the past.  As to our present situation we most assuredly need to attempt to do so as it relates to the dawning future.


For ACAP this is – or should be - our first priority. So what exactly – if anything - is unique about Public Access Cable Television when seen within the larger context of the evolving Human condition? We will try and deal with that question further in this paper and grope toward possible answers, by soliciting your suggestions, corrections and thoughtful criticism.


But here (paragraph immediately below) I want to introduce a note concerning the way we are trying to communicate to the Committee and the General Membership of ACAP, so that we all might all communicate more effectively with the General Public and Society in the time ahead.


In the full realization that there is a very important role for the ACAP in the time ahead - on a national and even international scale - and in the spirit of (to the degree possible)  FULL TRANSPARENCY  we have begun to videotape (seems more than appropriate we take full advantage of OUR Medium - even as Court reporters are typing away in Court Houses across the nation in a medium appropriate an historical pattern which is being transcended) both the General Meetings and the Organizing Committee meeting of ACAP and have posted them (for the time being) on my You Tube account - in the full realization they will be transferred to the ACAPTV.NET site in the time ahead.   I provide Links (below) to those posting which includes the small meeting of Committee members JOHN STEINMETZ, REVEREND JOSEPH BEN-DAVID AND MYSELF on March 12, 2008 & the General meeting of ACAP held on Monday March 24  which was addressed by DAN COUGHLIN the Executive Director of Manhattan Neighborhood Network.


Of note at the General meeting was the presence of EUGENIA DEAN the wife of SIDNEY W. DEAN JR who, you will discover from the note accompanying the video, was apparently one of singular importance to the establishment of a unique relationship to Public Access Cable television in the formative period around 1970 when the "template" for communications was being established - particularly at a foresighted level of "Vision".


Think about! It was the season of Martin King, the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Bill, vigorous Anti-War and Peace and Justice Organizations, openings upon significant expansion of Class Action Law. Etc.  In a word it was a progressive moment - that year - 1970.


On the “Ontological” (for want of a better term – maybe between us we can come up with a more appropriate one?) side of things it is the best single date, when most of those who seriously consider these things come up with, when asked: first IF and then IF SO: “when did Humanity’s weapons systems actually become – finally after 200,000 years of Homo Sapenan existence – “Species Lethal” in terms of “Capability”!  A highly significant Existential moment in the evolution of Consciousness in our Universe - to put it mildly. Note: A few days ago Ted Turner in an extraordinarily interesting full hour interview with Charlie Rose emphasized adamantly that the fact “The World Can Now Be destroyed within 30 minutes” is without a doubt the single most important issue of our time. I agree with him completely and lament it seems never to be brought up in the wrangling of our Political or even our Intellectual leaders - more disturbingly  – perhaps -  because it would – or even just might -  introduce an equally disturbing to our “every day Consciousness”  - within our Yin/Yang Universe - the equally the perhaps unfathomable  realization that it might not be brought up in the stark terms it deserved because the “Reverse Scenario of mankind’s “Capability” for liberating the Human Spirit - also now newly available to us - would be too disruptive of all our outdated institutions inherited from History which have been superseded – until only “now”  at the level of “Capability”.


Nether the Destructive or the Liberating capability seems ever to be brought into popular discussion. If that “Comprehensive – Inclusive Yin AND Yang Context” is to be advanced there are reasons why it might well be raised first – for reasons both idealistic and practical to follow - within the context of PUBLIC ACCESS CABLE TELEVSION (and related communications new venues and institutions) - which might be a point of departure in our thinking about ACAP – Maybe.


However as for now it is never mentioned in the day to day political discussion that that unprecedented destructive “capability” now exists – has not been overcome by the defeat of Communism - or any other enemy by the Western powers – does not detract from the new reality and is only growing with new weapons systems coming out of the research and development labs.


Now there are possible “Positive Aspects” to the new reality.  Without going into great depth – but worth considering are the many scholars who have postulated that due to our increasing technologically augmented “Capability” we may have actually transcended material “Scarcity” which had been characteristic of all previous Human history.   Were that the case it would open upon all kinds of NON Zero Sum “livingry” possibilities which have not previously been available to us – all humanity – and that within an ecological context as well. That notion of Abundance was certainly part of the context within which Cable was being introduced and is worth keeping in mind – or perhaps allow it to inform our thinking – or at least not allow it to be dismissed as Ibso Facto Absurd – the default position of virtually all “accepted” thinking on these matters - when we consider the past present and future of ACAP – and Humanity and the Ecology – all of which may well be connected at the hip?



In the realm of communications it was a “Paradigm Shifting” - “Template Setting” - moment as Co-axial Cable (Termed the Medium of Abundance” (by the Sloan Commission report) more about that later.


On the practical side - here was a communications system which the Private Sector Cable Industry was very much interested in - actually lusting – to establish access to the various Cable Markets across the country through the franchising procedure which had developed.  Manhattan was target market # 1!   We would do well here to remember the famous quote by Lord Beaverbrook about media entities being endowed with: "A License to Print Money”.  Indeed it - A Cable Franchise - was in spades - a "License to Print Money” - And everyone knew that was the case.  Such a franchise was let by negotiations by a collective alignment of Cable Industry and Public Sector Representatives (Mayor’s office in New York) and importantly to our discussion newly emerging representatives of public spirited citizens collectively termed “Civil Society”.  Their participation was extremely significant – and new in realistic effective terms - at this particular moment in the technological development of American and World Society.  It was in this caldron of interests that PUBLIC ACCESS CABLE TELELVISON was birthed – particularly at an effective institutional level.


Think about it for a moment.  Here was a Private Sector Communications Industry establishing a process by which (as had been the case with the Telephone before it) it was to be connected to the consumer base of their market with a cable which could provide programming and vital communications services and also provide a basis of accurately keeping tract of connections, effectively billing for service, AND endowed with the ability to automatically turn off that vital service when payments were not met!  A gold mine in the making!


Previously such endeavors of the Private Sector Mavens had not had to deal with any effectively organized concern by Citizens at the level of “Civil Society”.  Historically they – the citizens – had earlier been so eager to have all the wonder goods and services a given Industry could provide they and Society at large - had allowed for Monopoly and Near Monopoly conditions by those who were seen to be delivering the goods.  Further they had (and in all truth continue to allow) all but Monopolistic and tremendously advantageous avenues toward the Private Sector’s Accumulation of Capital through their almost total control of retained earnings without any effective alteration in the time honored pattern.  There had been other Industries which were so vital and also so given to massive economies of scale and “Network like” distribution systems – and were possessed of a similar metering of service and ability to connect AND disconnect if payments were not made!  Electricity, Water, Gas, Telephony come to mind. As a safeguard these vital Industry’s were placed within a unique status within the National Economy - as a Utility.   There had been some efforts at “Reform” through the notion of establishing “Utility” and within the Communications domain “Common Carrier” status for certain industries – with Government oversight enforcement procedures backing it up.  Actually the Private Vs Public (better said Government) Sector could be applied to all sorts of Goods and Services which are exchanged in Society on a regular basis, Food, Housing. Health,  Education and on and on and while these have not been considered as “Vital Utilities” the Governmental ability,  under a Rule of Law system, enforced payment for goods and services according to contracts backed up by the courts ability to adjudicate and enforce.  But Utilities - or Common Carriers in the realm of Communications - were seen as special examples


But such efforts had been in really a co-evolutionary development and acceptance of the equally time honored dialectic relationship between the Private Sector Vs the Public (once again better said Government for reasons to follow) Sector – the one we hear so much about in the normal news of the day.  By 1970 there was sufficient power and influence arising from “Civil Society” quarters and their representatives that were able to assert, in the name of “The People” consideration of communications policy - for “The People” in the negotiations process.


Within the realm of Cable Access we hear of the PEG access provisions in the letting of Cable Television Franchises process. The P stands for the Public (that where we come in) – The E stands for Educational institutions (both Private and Public interests involved there) and the G stand for Governmental.  They provided that there be money – as a mater of Law – to be taken from the gross earnings of the Privite Sector Cable Company's Profits (Percentages to be negotiated) and used to promote PEG access capability.


Now the Educational and The Governmental aspects of the arrangement is not of direct immediate interest to us in PUBLIC ACCESS CABLE TELEVISION – However the (P) for Public part of the PEG acronym is perhaps very significant and the founding fathers of our realm were apparently, thankfully, very aware of that.  The funding of both Capital and Operating costs for a given facility as Manhattan Neighborhood Network for example and a considerable percentage of Public Access facilities across the country are able to operate in a distinctive situation of having a Unique source of Capital which is NOT sourced from the private equity markets AND/OR  the Tax based sources from the Governmental entities of society.


That is UNIQUE.  The funds come from the gross profits of the Cable Industry Service Provider (Time/Warner and RCN in Manhattan – and others

Across the Country) – as a responsibility of Pubic Services pay back to the people of a given market.  This was worked out in the initial negotiations when the various Cable Service providers were in heavy competition among themselves for the much coveted franchise to build out their distribution networked system within a given market area. For our purposes the provisions for supporting Educational or Governmental Institutions is not of direct concern. That had been addressed within the more “normal” or accepted dialectic between the Private and the Pubic (Once more better said Governmental) Sector loci of power within a given area.  BUT the Public aspect was brand new – or so it would seem! Here was provision which impacted the Independent decision making capability of the Managements of the Private Sector Institutions (Time/Warner et al) to allocate their investments – from retained earnings which is the way the overwhelming formation of new wealth is achieved - most private sector entities finance their growth, among their other priorities, through retained earnings.


In the case of Public Access, payments, negotiated though the franchising,  process, to be allocated to a given Public Access facilities like Manhattan Neighborhood Network the resources are provide to serve THE PEOPLE of Manhattan.  Not Educational or Governmental Institutions but THE PEOPLE.  That is new!


It is fair to say that Manhattan Neighborhood Network as an example of the 3,000 such facilities across the country could not have evolved with out the significant development (at the level of effective influence) of the newly emerging “third sector” the “Civil Society” as a potent force within the equation.  And that was new and significant and particularly highly significant to those of us who have been the beificartries of that development.  It is also part –  maybe a pace setting and hopeful precedent setting example that has – possibly - enormous implications – concerning  influence and power arrangements within the Country and perhaps the World in the time ahead.


Public Access facilities are charged, and provided with the wherewithal to perform, offering of Multi Media Production AND Distribution services to “The People” of a given market.  Not all can be so served but it is an interesting Model, and  Precedent and offers the promise that in the fullness of time such communications can be extended to all “The People” of a given area of operations and even eventually perhaps all of “The People” of the  United States and even all of “The People” of the World.  AND the process is written into the Law of the Land and accepted by the broader society as a feit accompli .  Is there anything UNIQUE about That?  As one very interested in the possible pace setting positive implications of the school of thinking termed “Binary Economics” which is presented as “A New Paradigm” -  I’d say there definitely is - it is in fact very possibly monumental in its implications!


Through the work of people like Sidney W. Dean Jr. - well ensconced as he was within the Corporate Advertising and Public Relations Industry but more importunely within the Civil Society as a prominent member of the "City Club" and other entities and well acquainted with the Political Town fathers of that time were able to encourage all to see the wisdom that there should be a "Public Service" pay back to the citizens.  The fact the cable companies were using the public right of way to reach their customer base was perhaps used as a rational,  as it seems very likely,  but it was understaood as a bargaining chip by those arguing to be included in the process of formulating the terms and procedures for the  letting of Cable Franchises – that much vaunted “License to Print Money”.   Among the many PEG entities to be financed by the Cable Companies were the Pubic Access Cable Television facilities (Like Manhattan Neighborhood Network) charged with make Multi Media communications production and distribution capability available to the Citizens of a given market!   It was largely from the Civil Society the idea and initiative came.  Backed up by wide public Support - both institutional and at the level of Public relations - the cable companies who were destined  to make very great profits from their operations - would not be able to retain ALL those earnings for their own initiatives or self serving inclinations or their widely variegated  feasibility studies – as had been – and remains still - the almost overwhelming model for the American (and World) economy.   Instead they would be obligated to provide real financial support for (among other obligations to already established Educational and Governmental institutions) the providing of such to “The People” through provisions for PUBLIC ACCESS CABLE TELEVISION entities – and that is UNIQUE.


It was a thing of its time (1970 +-) and resulted in a very Unique entity in the communications history of the Nation (and the World): Public Access Cable Television.  Now it is almost certainly more nuanced and subtle and

there were and are today both Private and Public Sector influences in the process - but the result was the birth of something brand new, at the level of effective institutional significance with implications for the whole Country,: "Public Access Cable Television" - the system we are not only part of, but arguably the most important part of because as Producers we are “closest” to “The People”.  The arrangement had the potential (anticipated or not) of relating to “The People” directly for the first time ever and that makes it (and ACAP) SINGULARLY SO - AND VERY UNIQUE INDEED!


If the analysis is correct - and it may very well be - It may offer a Carpe Diem  moment of great opportunity.  If we can seize the moment we would have every interest in recognizing and celebrating it and particularly its longer term and fuller implications as MNN (and we) comes up to Franchise  Negotiations time with the Big Cable Company’s, which will culminate in September, 2008, and will set a template for some 10 to 15 years into the future.  It is definitely worth considering even with all the obvious Caveats which could and should be raised in our deliberations.


There were many among the “Founding Fathers” of PUBIC ACCESS CABLE TELEVISION but Sidney W. Dean Jr. was,  apparently, from those who were there and are still with us and in the know, a particularly important influence on this development and should be celebrated.  We should best do so by helping to fulfill his vision it would seem to me.   He was born in 1905 and had an a distinguished career and was very well positioned as Cable was being introduced in terms of advocating most vociferously among the town fathers for "Public Access Channels" and again More "Public Access Channels".   In a very real sense he was the”Thomas Jefferson" or “John Adams” - one of the singularly important "Founding Fathers" of Public Access.  His vision is one we would do well to repair to in reaching for our "Declaration of ----- Public Access Cable Television" for characteristics which UNIQUELY separates it from all other means of communications through all of mankind’s previous tenure on Earth – and as we will note - is presently at risk in its truly democratizing implications by many tides in the contemporary World of Cyber Wonders - which would obviate its example and precedent setting significance.  We in PUBLIC ACCESS CABLE TELEVISION (and as members of the ASSOCIAITON OF CABLE ACCESS PRODUCERS are by definition the closest to “The People” of the “Civil Society” whose interests it could best serve) are thus inheritors of a most Nobel and UNIQUE Communications tradition and as the closest beneficiaries of its vast potential for the collective good are in the best position – and carry the commensurate responsibility - not to let (through oversight, neglect or lack of imagination)  to see it’s institutional significance – if that forest pattern is discernable amid all the distractive barrage balloon posing as trees - being set aloft by “Special (Visionless Corporate) Interests” – and Thus allow it’s promise to be obviated.


So what is so significant? What is so UNIQUE (if anything) about a system of advanced Multi Media communications which, by law, has the larger Communications Industry financing – and making, at Zero cost to the

Co-operating within a Co-operative institutional arrangement, producer citizen – in the production and distribution of democratizing multi-media communications capability?


Think about it!  It did NOT apply with: Cave Wall Paintings,  Cuneiform Clay Tablets, Papyrus, Vellum, Smoke Signals, Carrier Pigeons,  Pony Express, Broadsheets, Newspapers, Magazines, Telegraph, Radio, Local Television, National Network Television, Satellite Delivered Global Television, Listener Supported Radio and Television (leaving for the moment the implications of the Computer and internet) which compels us - in our interest - to emphasis the Pioneering and TOTALLY UNIQUE quality of PUBLIC ACCESS CABLE COMMUNICATIONS?


That has not been established by us or anyone to date! To do so effectively may well be – or is? – our first task.   It was the earliest - pace setting "template" and model for the non-commercial communication which is so obviously roiling  the tranquil waters of traditional economics and political reality as a result of Humanity's transcending the previous limitations of Multi Media communications. It is doing so for all the people of the World who are thus philosophically linked and connected to its earlier ancestor, precursor, kissin' cousin, -  Public Access Cable Communications -  as is so evident in the trending of all cyber developments into the even short term future (and certainly beyond) whose liberating potential is growing almost exponentially with each passing day.  The root of it all is best and most accurately recognized as - PUBLIC ACCESS CABLE TELEVISION - USA - Circa 1970!  We (or the World at large) do not adequately recognize that!  Indeed many (and virtually all “establishment” thinking) would vociferously deny it as a betrayal of “The Laws of Economics” and even a frontal assault - an attack on immutable Human Nature itself.


All of the previous and almost all of the current models of technological advance is achieved with a process whereby Capital assets are being accumulation by the already rich through retaining nearly all earnings for their own use and investment including the almost literally life and death power to hire wage earners all of whom at are at the behest of the CORPOCRACY with nothing - no obligation - to the citizens of a given society other than the possible promise of employment or nostrums about the wonders of the Market Place and it’s “Social Darwinist” Market discipline – or the plenitude of “Tax and Spend” formulas of the desperate redistributionist’s of all stamps.  So it has been with virtually all communications developments – with (possibly) this one exception – PUBLIC ACCESS CABLE TELEVISON.


If – such legally codified pubic service obligations to the citizenry by a given industry were recognized as an accepted “Good” or “Right” (as it very well might become) it would be a very different World - would it not.

It was certainly not the case with the Steel Industry. Perhaps it should have been and yet might be?! It was certainly not the case with the Petroleum and Energy industry. Perhaps it should have been and yet might be?!  It has not been the case with the Computer industry – Mr. Gates has no such obligation impinging upon his decision making. Perhaps it should have been and yet might be?!  And so it goes through the History and current trending of the entire World Economy and Society.  But one, seemingly small to most, item in the variegated and serendipitous  tapestry of History where a small window of opportunity was opened – interestingly particularly to us - within OUR realm of Communications:  PUBLIC ACCESS CABLE COMMUNICATIONS and particularly the ASSOCIAITON OF CABLE ACCESS PORDUCER is a model which should not only be maintained but vastly expanded as a Model which might truly be seen as a “Light Unto the World” in desperate need of transformative, liberating justice and Vision.

It is suggested we should maybe consider contemplating, discerning whether or not – or even perhaps at the level of maybe - if the analysis is valid (or even possibly valid) in it’s larger implications, attempt to cultivate and fight to defend that (now threatened) crucial small opening with all our energy – as vociferously and did Sidney W. Dean Jr. and His Colleagues fight for the principles underpinning what has become the very substantial promise of the Public Access Movement or as from  5th Century Greece did “The 300 at ‘Thermopylae’” engage the then Persian (now Visionless Corporate) Barbarians at the gate?


It is – or may be - a "singularity" of singular important and again out first task is to highlight and celebrate that rich tradition - and come forth in our papers, statements and actions of such a high quality as to breathe real life into the Movement we want to both help inspire and be an active part of.   We are not pale followers of the "Big Guys" of established communications entities (and virtually all) institutions.  (Like all the Powered Wigs gracing  Versailles Palace of 1789  France) they might well but represent a Modern Day Ancien Régime – whose time has passed) - but it would seem we are rather representatives inheritors - of a SINGULARLY UNIQUE QUALITY and importance in the development of what is to hopefully be called in the very near term future - REAL (Political AND Economic) EFFECTIVE DEMOCRACY - with all its liberating potentialities.  It may well be we have to find the words to CELEBRATE THAT NEW WORLD DAWNING as our first task as members of the ASSOCIATION OF CABLE ACCESS PRODUCERS?

Happy to report that as of a couple of week ago the Your Tube people have boosted the size of a file to be uploaded from 100 MB to 1,024 MB!!!  Many would point to that and other wondrous achievements of the modern American and World economy as validation of the praises by the famous economist  Joseph Schumpeter in generally praising the Growth and Progress of the “Free Market” through its “Creative Entrepreneurism -  as has been much in vogue of late – would do well to remember his equally famous reply when asked"Can capitalism survive? No. I do not think it can."   In any case the images there will soon be nearly as pristine as television and even - one would assume at the rate of developments even HDTV - and they can be archived for all posterity and the cost to the Citizen up loader is ZERO dollars and ZERO cents - a very good price in any currency. A harbinger of what’s to come.  Public Access contributed mightily to the philosophy and the practicality toward that happy development through the vision of the its pioneers like SIDNEY W. DEAN JR,  We should celebrate their vision and help in its contemporary fulfillment - along with all our open source visionary cyber compatriots.


There is one other link I want to provide.  That is the Study done in the formative years (around 1970) termed the "Sloan Commission Report of Cable Television - the Medium of Abundance”.   I have not been able to find a full text of the document – but expect we will be able to retrieve it in the near term future.  I think it was important in capturing the spirit and thinking of the time and the link immediate below at least gives an abstract and myself or one of you could maybe find the complete piece (and other documents of that formative period) somewhere out there in Cyber space?



On the Cable; the Television of Abundance. Report of the Sloan ...

Abstract: The Sloan Commission report on cable television surveys the history and technology of cable television and suggests the prospects and ... - 18k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this



All best - Lets be in touch.







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ACAP General Meeting (Part 1) 03-24-08


On March 24, 2008 there was a General meeting of the Association of Cable Access Producers (ACAP) in Manhattan New York. The meeti On March 24, 2008 there was a General meeting of the Association of Cable Access Producers (ACAP) in Manhattan New York. The meeting was addressed by Dan Coughlin the Executive Director of Manhattan Neighborhood Network about the status of the Public Access movement with particular emphasis upon the situation in New York City but also with much consideration of the movement in a national perspective. Many questions were asked by the assembled people. Of particular importance was the presence of Eugenia Dean who was recognized and warmly welcomed by the members of the audience. Sidney Dean himself has been recognized as one of the singularly important "Founding Fathers" of the public Access movement -- particularly at an institutional level around the yeas 1970. Dean died at an age of 91 in 1997 but Eugenia is carrying on with encouraging his vision of democratizing multi media communications in keeping with the consequences for Good (and Ill) as the expanding power of technology alters the capabilities of an ever changing Zeitgeist. ACAP is also very interested in highlighting the unique contributions and the pioneering role of Public Access -- it was there long before the Internet -- at a foundational level of consideration. Fellow MNN producer Paula Gloria streamed the meeting from her laptop computer, a harbinger of what's to come as multi media communications morphs into the cell phone universe on a planetary scale. We thank her enormously for her pioneering efforts. Joe Friendly the veteran Public Access programmer videotaped the event - as he has so nobility done with other events over the years. He created this video and we thank him very much for making it available. The meeting was a little less than two hours long and this is part 1 of a two part presentation. Many differences of opinion as to options and priorities were voiced and in the interest of transparency we videotaped the meeting for the record. This is the first portion of the meeting. The second portion of the meeting (40 mins.+-) was posted separately. While this is posted on the you tube account of Harold Channer and will be more appropriately be posted on the www.ACAPTV.NET website soon. (more) (less)


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ACAP General Meeting - 03-24-08 (Part 2)




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John Steinmetz, Joseph Ben-David & Harold Channer (Part 1)


Members of the organizing committee of the Association of Cable Access Producers (ACAP), John Steinmetz, Reverend Joseph Ben-David Members of the organizing committee of the Association of Cable Access Producers (ACAP), John Steinmetz, Reverend Joseph Ben-David and Harold Channer held an informal meeting on Wednesday March 12, 2008. Differences of opinion as to options and priorities were voiced and in the interest of transparency we videotaped (fixed camera) the meeting for the record. This is the fist hour of the meeting. A second hour of the meeting will soon be submitted separately. While this is posted on the you tube account of Harold Channer and it will more appropriate be posted on the www.ACAPTV.NET website soon. (more) (less)


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John Steinmetz, Joseph Ben-David & Harold Channer (Part 2)