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               Guest For  FRIDAY AUGUST 22,  2008 



                                       (Originally aired: 05-01-08)

                         Imam DAWUD  ASSAD        


     Survivor of the 1948 Jewish Terrorist Massacre of

                        Palestinians at Deir Yassin



                                                           Peace Activist


            President:  Council of Masajid (Mosques)

                       of USA, New York City, N.Y.


               President: Islamic Service Organization,

                               Edison, New Jersey

                       Author of Forthcoming Book:


                          "Why Do They Hate Us?"


                                                   (732) 985-3304


  The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:

     Imam Dawud Assad - Air date: 05-01-08 Imam DAWUD ASSAD



More about Imam DAWUD ASSAD


Dawud Assad

45 Lilac Street

Edison, New Jersey 08817

Tel: (732) 985-3304


Dawud Assad was born in Jerusalem, Palestine in 1931. He has a wife and three children. His ambition is to serve humanity and promote peace and harmony among people of various faiths. His educational background includes a B.S in Mechanical Engineering (Northeastern University, Boston, MA) and a M.S. in industrial Management (Polytechnic Institute. N.Y., N.Y.


President:  Council of Masajid (Mosques of USA, New York City, N.Y.

President: Islamic Service Organization, Edison, New Jersey

Founder and Co-Chairman: Muslim-Roman Catholic Dialogue, NYC. NY.

Ambassador for Peace, Universal Peace Federation, Washington, D.C.


Founding Member: Supreme Council of Mosques,  Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Secretary-General: Continental Council of Mosques of North America.

Associate Director:  Muslim World League Office to the United Nations. NYC, NY.

Associate Secretary General: World Conference on Religion and Peace, NYC., NY.

Co-Chairman: US Inter-religious Committee for Peace in the Middle East, Stanwood, Washington.

Assistant Secretary: Religion in American Life (RIAL), Princeton, New Jersey.

Co-Chairman: Tri Dialogue, Muslim-Christian-Jews, National Conference of Christian and Jews (NCCJ), New York City, N.Y.

President: Federation of Islamic Association of US & Canada, (FIA), Detroit, Mich.


Service Award for Humanity:  1987 by the Council of Islamic Organizations of USA

A Special Citation in Recognition for Fostering Better Understand and Promotion of Friendship between Afro-American and Immigrant Muslims and Arabs, 1989 by the Afro-American Islamic Association, New York, N.Y. 

Luminosa Award for Promotion of Inter-religious Understanding, 1991, by the Focolare Movement, Highland Park, New York.

Registered in the INTERNATIONAL WHO’S WHO OF INTELLECTUALS, Volume two/three, IBC, Cambridge.

Registered in WHO’S WHO IN RELIGION, 3rd Edition, Marquis Who’s Who, Inc. Chicago, IL.

Service Award of Appreciation from the Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ), South Brunswick, N.J.




                                          Friday August 22, 2008

                                 10:30 - 11:30 AM  / (NYC Time)

                 Channel 34 of the Time/Warner & Channel 83 of the RCN 
                       Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York.

The Program can now be viewed on the internet at time of cable casting at


                  NOTE: You must adjust viewing to reflect NYC time

                                          & click on channel 34 at site